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During the Pokémon Go Fest they release Campfire, an app similar to Tinder or Grindr

Campfire was released at the Pokémon Go Fest (Photo: Twitter)
Campfire was released at the Pokémon Go Fest (Photo: Twitter)

The company that develops famous video games such as Pokemon Go has decided to embark on the creation of its own social platform, designed to create spaces for socialization and interaction between players. The goal is for users to get to know each other and attend group activities in the real world.

For now, the app is only available for the Pokemon Go Fest, which this year takes place in Berlin, Germany.

The app was baptized by the creative company as camp fireand, as its developers explained, when they presented it for the first time at the Lightship Summit conference, it would be based on geolocation and in the Lightship Vision Positioning System, which consists of determining the position and orientation of people to show them elements of augmented reality with greater precision.

The app was beta-tested by Ingress players and has now been brought to Pokémon Go trainers. In any case, the company’s plans are to make the new platform available to many players around the world.

The application will work as a complement to the video games created by the parent company, since these will connect with the social network so that users can find communities of active players near their location and finally meet them physically to play group games.

Social networks are defined as a mechanism to connect with other people and interact through the Internet, and Campfire does not escape this logic: it includes enough functions so that its users can connect with other contacts, send messages and share images, as well as create events and forums.

The company that creates this platform has said that its goal is to stimulate social relations in the real world through games, where people can date to play in a group and make new friends, as well as attend events together.

For its part, Pokémon Go Fest is a massive event that brings together all fans of this game that has become a total trend since it was launched in 2016: this year the festival is taking place in Berlin, between 1 and July 3.

During the events, in addition to live performances, the most prolific trainers in the world of Pokémon Go will gather, and all players will be able to connect through the global challenge.

The agenda for this event started on July 1st between 9 and 11 a.m. Berlin local time, where coaches were able to connect with many players around the world and work as a team to defeat Team GO Rocket.


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