Home Entertainment During Selena drama: Justin Bieber shares pictures with Hailey

During Selena drama: Justin Bieber shares pictures with Hailey

Justin and Hailey Bieber, February 2022
Justin and Hailey Bieber, February 2022

Is Justin Bieber still silent? The headlines about his wife Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have not stopped for a few weeks: the two influencers allegedly made fun of Justin’s ex Selena Gomez on the Internet. The singer himself has not yet commented on the headlines about the two women. Now Justin shared some recordings with his wife – but enthusiasm looks different!

The “Baby” interpreter posted snapshots from his birthday party last weekend on his Instagram account: But while Justin is visibly exuberant with his prominent guests like Billie Eilish or The Kid Laroi celebrating between balloons and party games, he looks next to his wife he looked a bit crippled. His followers also notice that: ” He looks happier with Billie than with Hailey” or “I think it’s so funny that he smiles in every picture where his wife can’t be seen.”

Justin Bieber shares pictures with Hailey on 29th birthday

Hailey herself was not deterred by the never-ending headlines about her: on her social media account she shared a cute series of pictures on the occasion of Justin’s 29th birthday. But here, too, the negative comments were not long in coming: “Did anyone else notice that Justin never liked the post?”, “I really have the feeling that Justin is unhappy, the body language says it all” or “The divorce waving,” some wrote under the post.

Various Instagram users criticized Hailey for posting photographs of the musician on the platform when she should be concerned about his health. According to the Los Angeles Times, Justin Bieber has canceled the remaining dates of his Justice European tour following repeated postponements. “We regret to tell you that the Justin Bieber concerts scheduled for The O2 Arena have been canceled. We understand you will be disappointed, and we apologize for any trouble. Refunds will be provided automatically to the account used to make the purchase. Please keep in mind that this procedure can take up to ten working days to complete “Check out the official statement.

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