Duolingo’s pet arrives in the metaverse

Duolingo's pet arrives in the metaverse
Duolingo.  (photo: Promoview)
Duolingo. (photo: Promoview)

From this moment, Duo the owl is entering the metaverse to help developers and remind users to do their homework.

Duolingo is the first language learning platform to appear on Roblox, a virtual universe where anyone can create virtual worlds, play there and share experiences with friends; Y Decentralanda virtual world powered by blockchain.

The Roblox community has previously created games Y avatars unofficial ones with the theme of Duolingo, so he decided to reward these super fans by offering various brand materials on the web platform and released a game where developers could submit suggestions for other titles to be featured in Duolingo’s virtual space.

They were selected almost two dozen games created by developers of submissions for inclusion in the Duolingo space.

“Traditionally brands that have activations in the metaverse create their own environments or worlds for others to interact with. However, in the case of Duolingo, a brand loved by many including Roblox, we wanted to create an experience that gives fans the power to create something with our brand and beloved winged character, Duo, for them to enjoy and share with others. friends,” he said James K. Kuczynski, Creative Director of Brand and Marketing at Duolingo.

How Duolingo works in the metaverse

To encourage players to play games created by the community, they will be able to double or triple their virtual currency trying other people’s creations instead of playing “Spanish or Vanish”, the original Duolingo game.

They can then exchange their coins in the Duolingo virtual store as backpacks, hats, full outfits, face masks, and even an owl to pet your virtual darling.

But Duo’s antics aren’t just limited to the Roblox universe. Decentraland players will now be able to see a great duo holding a sign with their ads, giving a new meaning to “external” notifications.

Duolingo partnered with MediaMonksan advertising and digital marketing agency to develop the experience in Roblox and Decentraland.

(photo: Duolingo)
(photo: Duolingo)

Duolingo users can learn an alien language

Surely, many users have heard about the phenomenon of alien languages ​​and how to speak them. Even so, it is nothing new to want to delve into these issues, since for decades humanity has tried to discover and communicate with beings from other planets.

Recently, a woman appeared on television claiming she could speak an alien language, of which no one is quite sure.

Some say it’s about glossolalia, a phenomenon of language in which invented and usually unintelligible words are used; Others say that it is rather ancient sumerian, a dead language very easy to learn just by watching certain videos on YouTube. This language was spoken in the south of old Mesopotamia from the year 4,000 BC.

Woman speaks in alien language.  (photo: Indigo Report)
Woman speaks in alien language. (photo: Indigo Report)

After this woman came out speaking a supposed alien language, the official Duolingo site at Twitter expressed the following: “I don’t know, that sounded like Klingon.” Klingon is the language of the extraterrestrial creatures that bear the same name in the popular television series Star Trek.

Initially, the phonetics of Klingon was created by actor, James Doohan, who played Scotty in the series and movies. But this did not stop there, later the linguist, Marc Okrand, perfected this language and developed the Klingon Dictionary.

Klingons from Star Trek.  (photo: Tenor)
Klingons from Star Trek. (photo: Tenor)

So how to learn Klingon? in the same language application there is a course on this language.