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DuckDuckGo launches a new private browser for Mac, so you can download it

DuckDuckGo has launched its own browser in Mac, and could become a threat to the hegemony of Google Chrome Y Safari. DuckDuckGo has evolved from a simple search engine to what it describes as “fast, private and secure”. The application is currently in private beta, and if any user wants to test it, they must first gain access through a list.


This new browser provides a much more ‘neat’ navigation. Therefore, DuckDuckGo on Mac will allow block web trackers, clear browsing data via its ‘Fire’ button, and block annoying emails from cookies that appear every time a website is visited for the first time.

This is how the new DuckDuckGo browser works

DuckDuckGo promises clean up to 50% of the websites you visit. In turn, it also provides ways to block Internet tracking cookies. In this way, they not only favor a cleaner and easier to use browser, but also a more secure and private one.


According to Allison Goodman, director of communications for DuckDuckGo, confirmed to The Verge that the company hopes that the 50% coverage will increase gradually as the beta version of the app is developed.

What about user privacy and security

The browser integrates functions comparable to some that it has Safari. In this category you can see a privacy feed, similar to browser privacy report Manzana.


However, unlike the latter which only shows the number of trackers blocked, DuckDuckGo allows its users to see the trackers used by each site and also clean the data of each of them.

Besides, DuckDuckGo will not upload content that contains embedded trackers. This is quite common on sites like Facebook. Instead of displaying this information, DuckDuckGo will display a warning about the existence of such a tracker. This will be where the user may decide to continue or keep the content blocked.

Other benefits of DuckDuckGo for Mac

-Smarter Encryption: this is one of the main components of mobile applications. With this feature, more than 80% of the clicks on the DuckDuckGo Search website will use a encrypted connection.


– Import content from other browsers: it doesn’t matter if the user was using Chrome or Safari before switching to DuckDuckGo. With the push of a button, passwords, bookmarks, and even browsing history can be transferred.

– Built-in password manager: with DuckDuckGo, no need to remember passwords, because the browser is designed to do it yourself.

– Privacy First: people’s browsing data is stored locally on the computer which is being used. Thus, the company cannot access this information.

DuckDuckGo for Mac is based on your own code. Although it does use Safari’s rendering engine, called WebKit, as a base.

That is why on its website, the company claims that DuckDuckGo is faster than Chrome in terms of graphics performance, using up to 60% less resources on the PC.

So you can get the new browser on Mac

If you want to download this version of DuckDuckGo for Mac, you have to get the mobile version of the app. Once you have it, you just need to go to Settings and then to the area Privacy.

Here, select Join the private list. In this way, the user’s name will be on the ballot and, if the user is selected, you will be notified immediately.

In the case of Windowsthe company has confirmed that it is working on an application for the operating system of microsoft. Besides, is developed on Chromium, platform that also uses Microsoft Edge. However, for this version people will have to wait a little longer.

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