Dragon Ball: creator is ‘cancelled’ after fake news about racism

Imagem de: Dragon Ball: criador é

An alleged racist statement by Akira Toriyama, creator of the popular anime series Dragon Ball, caused a huge uproar on social media. However, the shared content is actually fake news.

Several profiles released the image of a fake interview of the artist counterattacking “the haters who criticize the absence of black characters in the series”. So, a controversial response would have motivated the “cancellation” of the mangaka.

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“This is a Japanese franchise, made by Japanese and for Japanese. The things people complain about continue to change over time, but Japanese racial demographics do not. They (blacks) don’t live here”, indicates a line from the text attributed to Toriyama.

Supposed interview by Akira Toriyama that circulated on the internet.Source: AnimeHunch/Playback

In fact, the lack of representation is often a hot topic among anime fans. However, people began to pass along the material without checking the authenticity of the source.

Fortunately, some more attentive readers noticed that the declaration of Akira Toriyama was fake news. In case, the 67-year-old artist is very reclusive and rarely grants interviews to any media vehicle.

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Situations like this reinforce the importance of always seeking the source of information shared on social networks. Especially when it involves controversial issues related to artists with little appearance in the media.

where to see Dragon Ball?

All Dragon Ball anime are available on Crunchyroll.All Dragon Ball anime are available on Crunchyroll.Source: Toei Animation/Disclosure

Currently, all stages of the anime Dragon Ball – including entries Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT It is Dragon Ball Super – are available on the streaming platform Crunchyroll.

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It is worth mentioning that fans also find the episodes of the saga Dragon Ball Z Kai on HBO Max. As well as, the original adventure of Goku and the Kai saga and his friends is available on Globoplay.