Dragon Ball: Check the ranking of the most powerful Super Saiyan forms


when we talk about Dragon Ball, there are two things we can expect: that Goku will eat too much and that we will see transformations. Ever since the protagonist turned Super Saiyan for the first time in his fight against Frieza, the work of Akira Toriyama presented numerous evolutions in this way over the years.

But which is the most powerful? It may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but when we take a closer look, we find that things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Check out our list of all the top Super Saiyan transformations, from weakest to strongest — you’ll probably be surprised.

9 – Super Saiyan

Toei Animation

The first transformation of the Saiyans (not counting the Oozaru) is also the most adopted by the characters and, consequently, the most famous of all. Even in more recent sagas, Goku and Vegeta continue to use this form quite often — showing how basic it has become over time. It is worth noting that there are other forms, such as Super Saiyan Phase 2 and 3 or Total Power, used in the Cell saga. But since they’re variations of the same transformation, we’re leaving everything together for simplicity.

8 – Super Saiyan Legendary / Super Saiyan Berserk

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

We’re putting the two together because they’re more or less equivalent in different realities, used by the original Broly and Universe 6’s Kale, respectively.

When we stopped to analyze it, Goku and his friends were able to defeat Broly just like normal Super Saiyans. In three different movies! Despite being “Legendary”, it seems quite likely that he would lose to a Super Saiyan 2 or 3, so this form lagged far behind the others in terms of power.

It is worth remembering that Broly from Dragon Ball Super is insanely strong, but is not called a Legendary Super Saiyan in official media. He is “just” an insanely powerful Saiyan, even in his base form.

7 – Super Saiyan 2

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

First achieved by Gohan against Cell in one of the most iconic fights in the franchise, this iconic transformation surpasses the original in every way. Its relevance is such that characters use it quite often to this day — at least until they have to fight in earnest.

6 – Super Saiyan 3

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

A lot of people’s favorite transformation. Although it is very powerful – even rivaling Majin Buu, when no one else could face the villain at the same level – it also uses a lot of energy, not recommended for prolonged battles. Because of this, it has fallen out of favor, although it still appears from time to time to cheer fans up.

5 – Super Saiyan 4

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

Dragon Ball GT divided opinion in terms of quality, but no one disputes that Super Saiyan 4 is one of the coolest forms. Too bad it’s not canonical anymore. Despite this, at the time, she was presented as the ultimate form of the Saiyans.

4 – Super Saiyan God

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

A lot of people argue about who is stronger: Super Saiyan 4 or Super Saiyan God? The truth is that this transformation, introduced in the film Battle of the Gods, is literally on the level of the most powerful deities in the multiverse. This difference has even been recognized in Super Dragon Ball Heroeswhen the two forms faced each other.

3 – Super Saiyan Blue

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

“Third place? Isn’t Super Saiyan Blue supposed to be the strongest transformation?” Yes and no. It is a little complicated. Certainly, this is the form most used today by Goku and Vegeta — and it has even been featured in all recent games in the franchise — but there are variations that surpass it.

2 – Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

Despite being achieved only by Vegeta, during the Tournament of Power, we can assume that any Saiyan has the ability to achieve this transformation. She is so powerful that it rivals Super Saiyan Blue Goku combined with Kaioken 20x. It’s not for the few.

1 – Super Saiyan Rosé 2, 3 and Full Power

(Reproduction) Toei Animation

Again, we put them all together for simplicity. In Super Dragon Ball Heroesa version of Goku Black manages to overcome his limits, reaching the levels of Super Saiyan Rosé 2, 3 and an unreleased one, officially called “Full Power”, which looks like 3 but has some different details, such as eyebrows and eyes .

Super Saiyan Rosé is nothing more than Super Saiyan Blue with another color, because of the villain’s divinity status, so this suggests that the Blue form could also be surpassed by Goku and Vegeta someday, although it’s unlikely.