Download What can I spend (free): This app saves you money

At the end of the buck, is there too much month left? Then you should get the currently free Android app “What can I spend” as soon as possible. It helps you better understand your spending limits and control your budget.

  • “What can I spend” is free until December 9th
  • The app helps you understand your monthly spending limit
  • You don’t have to list all expenses individually


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The app is not a conventional finance manager and does not require you to enter each expense individually in order to know how much money should be in the account. Perfect for those who often forget to enter their expenses on site and then have to spend a whole day entering the amounts.

  • “What can I spend?” Download it for free from Google Play

Why is it worth downloading “What can I spend”?

“What can I spend?” use a different, simplified approach to get your budget under control. Using a minimalist user interface, you simply enter the amount that is available in your accounts and in your wallet. Add to this the amount that is not available for immediate spending (savings, travel or future purchases) and finally the amount that you can spend. The app simply divides the amount available by the number of days until you receive your next salary.

expense tracker
The app helps you to understand your daily spending limit / © NextPit

While the app is very simple, it helps you understand how much you can spend each day without affecting your balance at the end of the month. In addition, it brings statistics to budget control without the need to manage expenses in detail.

“What can I spend?” uses only the data entered by the user. The app is therefore not linked to your bank or other applications. There is no advertising in this premium version and the user interface is available in multiple languages.

You can export a data backup to the device’s memory, but the app doesn’t offer a built-in cloud backup. Backups have to be done manually.

According to the Play Store, the app has been installed over 100,000 times and received 4.4 out of 5 stars after 870 reviews.


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“What can I spend?” Respected your privacy?

According to a review of the Exodus Privacy Tool, “What can I spend?” three data trackers: two from Google for telemetry and crash reports and one for advertising from the Flurry platform. Even so, the premium version does not contain any advertising or in-app purchases. As for the permissions required to use the app, Exodus lists 11 features, including read and write storage.

The app’s privacy policy seems a bit general, but it does provide information about the third-party tools used for data collection – which may include cookies – and the ability to generate bug reports. However, personal data is not collected from the developer based in Russia himself.


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Do you like the idea of ​​the app? Or would you prefer to monitor every issue down to the smallest detail in order to know exactly where your money goes every month? Feel free to leave your feedback – including suggestions for applications – in the comments below!

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