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Download ProShot App (free): This app turns your smartphone into a DSLR cam

ProShot App

Today’s app recommendation is called ProShot and is free for both Android and iOS. This is a camera app that really bores up your smartphone camera. In addition to better photos, you also get a little DSLR feeling.

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  • ProShot App is currently free of charge instead of € 6.99 (iOS) or € 4.69 (Android)
  • The app is rated 4.3 stars on Android with more than 100,000 downloads (iOS 4.0 stars)
  • ProShot App is free until November 13th

Today’s app is aimed at the photo fans among you and is one of the countless camera apps that the Google and Apple stores have ready for us. In the article we clarify why you should give this of all people a chance.


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Why should you download ProShot?

Depending on the manufacturer, your smartphone may already come with a pretty good, native camera app. Often, however, these are also rather rudimentary and exactly the feature that one would like to use is missing. ProShot is therefore very extensive and at best aims to make you feel as if you are operating a DSLR camera. Take a quick look at the clip, which introduces you to some of the features:

Functionally, ProShot is very extensive: As with a DSLR, you get two fully configurable modes, you can control functions such as exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, light and white balance manually, semi-manually or automatically. You can save files in RAW format, have a free hand with resolution and aspect ratio and there is even a light painting mode.

You can also access a live histogram, zoom with one finger, create time-lapse videos, adjust the JPEG quality as well as place the noise reduction and grid over the live camera image. With ProShot you get a whole cornucopia of features, so that the app is an absolute no-brainer right now as a free download.


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Is ProShot safe to download?

When you install the app, ProShot first requires a few permissions: The app wants to access the camera (oh what?), The microphone and photos, and optionally also the location (only when the app is in use). Everything is absolutely understandable! The privacy checker Exodus tells us that the Android version requires a total of nine permissions. This also includes read / write rights for the external memory and access to the fine location. As I said: all permissions that make sense in this context.

At the same time, Exodus also confirms that not a single tracker can be found. In the data protection regulations you will learn that none of the information collected contains personal or identifiable data. It is also pointed out again that the location information is used to geotag your photos and that this function can be deactivated.

But there is obviously a catch that I have to inform you about: There are a few reviews with only one star (at least on Android). They complain about crashes or about certain features that don’t work as they should. That only seems to affect some smartphones. During my testing everything went perfectly (Huawei P30 Pro), as did Ben on the Pixel 6.


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Just try them out and you will quickly find out whether your smartphone is affected. You can’t do much wrong with a free download anyway. So don’t waste any time and install the app, which is only available for free until November 13th.

If you like, please tell us how it works for you, whether there is a subtle DSLR feeling and also whether you can suggest other camera apps.

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