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Download OnSite Checklist: This app makes your work safer and more efficient!

OnSite Checklist app

As the last free app for this week, I’ve picked something special for you! Because with OnSite Checklist you can automate your everyday life and your work. You save 5.99 euros compared to the usual amount of money, but you have to make friends with an English voice output.

  • The OnSite Checklist app is free for a limited time (until July 11th) in the Google Play Store
  • The normal price is 5.99 euros and has 4.4 stars with over 10,000 reviews
  • It enables you to record and automate processes in everyday life or at work


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There are strict procedures and processes to increase safety in some professional fields! To be on the safe side, it is advisable to define fixed processes and record them on slips of paper or checklists. With our latest free app download, the whole thing can also be done digitally on your smartphone.

Download the OnSite Checklist from the Google Play Store

This is particularly interesting because similar apps can cost a lot of money. Even “OnSite Checklist” normally costs 5.99 euros. Before you install the app and get disappointed, I have to warn you again: OnSite Checklist only offers an English voice output!

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Is it worth downloading the OnSite Checklist?

Even a small mistake in the process can sometimes lead to bad days or even fatal accidents. For this reason, most workplaces have safety and quality checklists that ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. OnSite Checklist helps you to manage and log all of this

Download OnSite Checklist
Ensures more quality or more security with OnSite! / © NextPit


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The app is relatively simple but offers a wide range of functions with which you can automate the safety and quality procedures in the workplace. On the clear user interface, you will find a large selection of checklist templates that will help and inspire you a little bit further at the start.

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What sets OnSite apart from other checklist apps is the ability to create repeatable checklists that are logged with various metadata for later analysis. The app also has a very practical website that allows you to quickly and easily create procedures from your computer and share them with other users via email.

In OnSite Checklist you can also create a general group of procedures that are then broken down into smaller tasks. This helps you to keep track of all tasks that have to be carried out during quality controls or other procedures. In this way you can guarantee a flawless and safe end product.

Does OnSite Checklist respect your privacy?

The app is developed by “Appculus Technologies” and has a considerable number of ratings (over 10,000) with 4.4 stars. In the privacy policy, the company declares that it only collects performance data in order to optimize the application. However, the data collected will not be used for advertising purposes.

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In the data protection tracker Exodus, we were able to confirm that the app, as stated in the data protection policy, does not use any trackers. The 11 authorizations that it requires are proportionate to its functions.

Do you like this app? Are there any similar apps you’d like to see here? Let us know in the comments!

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