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Download One Swipe Notes App Free instead of € 0.69

Download One Swipe Notes App

One Swipe Notes is an Android application that allows you to take notes by simply swiping your screen. The app is currently available for free in the Google Play Store, while the regular price is € 0.69.

  • The promotion in the Play Store has no official expiry date
  • One Swipe Notes does not contain advertising or in-app purchases
  • App has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 369 reviews and over 10,000 downloads

One swipe notes become literally nothing changes in your life – and yes, I know it’s just a note-taking app. But come on, let yourself go a little! Open your mind to the commandments of not emus and listen to the gospel according to St. Notius III, our Father. And did I already say it? The app is free.

  • Download One Swipe Notes App from the Google Play Store

Jokes aside: One Swipe Notes makes creating notes on your smartphone a little easier. Because you don’t have to constantly go out of your browser or a call to take notes. Instead, you just swipe the screen once. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Why is the One Swipe Notes app worth it?

With One Swipe Notes, you can create notes while you work, which are displayed on the screen as a floating window over your main task. The app is there only in English but that shouldn’t really be a problem.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading one of TechMarkup’s fascinating articles via your web browser, watching one of TechMarkup’s captivating videos on YouTube or looking for apps (note apps of course!): You can create a note for Android or iOS by simply swiping access your already created notes without having to close your background app.


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The user interface is very clear, you can show and hide the notes widget with a simple swipe and even edit or create a note in the floating window without opening the app. You can also adjust the position, size, and transparency of the swipe button to make your notes appear floating.

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free app android one swipe notes
With One Swipe Notes, it’s like having a pack of Post-it notes on hand / © NextPit

For a power user on a smartphone or tablet, or someone who doesn’t like to stop multitasking to switch between apps, One Swipe Notes is honestly a great find. The app also contains no advertising or in-app purchases.

Is it safe to download?

When the code of the app was checked via the exodus privacy platform, no trackers were found, neither for advertising nor for analysis. The most intrusive permission the app asks is to overlay other apps.

One Swipe Notes was developed by Yogesh Dama, an India-based developer who has already developed other applications like Dark Screen Filter (a blue light filter app) or Touch Locker (to prevent incorrect touches of the screen). The developer’s privacy policy states that the app can collect some basic personal information if you enter it within the app. Usage data (logs) are also collected for analysis purposes and for incident reporting.


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But this privacy policy acts like a generic template that you buy online because you don’t have the time or inclination to create your own. It covers as much as possible, but it doesn’t seem very specific. The application does not ask for personal information and does not require access to your storage, your location or your contacts. It is not clear to me what is to be collected with it.

What do you think of One Swipe Notes and do you find such applications interesting? Let me know in the comments!

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