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Download Notability App: The only iOS note app you need

Notability is an iOS productivity app for taking notes on the iPhone or iPad. Our free app of the day offers a very powerful text editor and previously cost 9.99 euros in the Apple App Store. Now it is a freemium app that can also be used free of charge for the first time.

  • only the basic version is free and the App Store does not specify an expiration date
  • the premium version comes with a subscription of € 12.49 / year
  • the basic text editor is already very comprehensive and there is no advertising or need to create an account

Notability is multi-award-winning productivity and note-taking app that does very well in the Apple App Store BENOTEt is (I like the subtle humor). Now I’ll explain to you why even the basic version without a subscription is worthwhile.

  • Download Notability for free from the Apple App Store.


QR / Barcode-Scanner PRO: This everyday app (free) belongs on every smartphone!

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Why is the discounted Notability app worth it?

I’ll start the formalities by pointing out that Notability has received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on 83 reviews. 83 ratings are a lot for a note-taking app that was previously sold for around 10 euros.

Yes, yes, 10 damn euros, as the price history on the AppSliced ​​platform, which lists App Store promotions, shows. But if I’m not mistaken, it seems like the developer recently changed their business model.

Instead of a single version for € 9.99, Notability is now a freemium version, which means that you get a free basic version and a premium version for a subscription fee of € 12.49 / year (not monthly). It is therefore not a temporarily free premium app, as we would otherwise recommend it here. But since it could not previously be used free of charge as a basic version and that is now possible, it is worth a recommendation to us today!

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free app ios notability ui
The interface of Notability is clean and ad-free / © NextPit


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Now let’s get to the features. With the basic version, you have a limited number of notes (I made about thirty for testing purposes, nothing more), but the editor is already very well equipped. You can change the font, color, and size, add bullet lists, check-off to-do lists, voice notes, and pictures.

You can also save 3 layouts presets as favorites to quickly switch between them (compared to 12 in the Pro version). Notability supports the Apple Pencil and with the Pro version, you can convert your handwritten notes into text.

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However, Notability does not offer password, fingerprint or FaceID protection for your notes. And synchronization via iCloud is reserved for the Pro version. I know, I know, this is far from ideal. But this way you can at least test the app for free and benefit from the efficient text editor before you finally take the step and take out a subscription.

If I still had my iPad, I’d find that $ 12.49 a year for an app that I use every day isn’t a bad investment.


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Does the notability app respect your personal data?

On iOS, since the introduction of the ATT or app tracking transparency function, it has been quite easy to check which personal data apps are accessing.

We see that Notability can collect your contact details, e.g. B. Your Apple ID used when synchronizing via iCloud. Note, however, that you don’t need to create an account or log in to use Notability. The app also collects diagnostic data.

The privacy policy is very clear and comprehensive about the type of data collected, and I don’t find it particularly intrusive.

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free app ios notability privacy
This is the data that Notability will collect. / © Screenshot from the App Store

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What do you think of notability? Do you give the app a chance? In which app categories are you most looking for special offers? Let me know in the comments.

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