Download MR Racer free: Fast-paced mobile game with a 4.3-star rating

Put on your helmet, get into the cockpit and then it’s off to the slopes: full throttle towards Google Play, where MR Racer is an arcade racer for Android. This is now available for free instead of 4.99 euros. Follow us into the NextPit pit lane, we will briefly introduce the game to you.

  • MR Racer is still available for three days free of charge for Android
  • The game has been rated 4.3 stars with over 50,000 downloads and 951 reviews
  • There are no ads, but in-app purchases


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! You notice that I’m trying to conjure up a bit of a racing atmosphere here to draw your attention to today’s app recommendation. MR Racer is a very entertaining number and intended for the fans of racing games who are more into arcade fun than hyper-realistic racing simulations.

  • Download MR Racer for free from Google Play

The racing game is very popular in the Google Play Store and has already been downloaded over 5 million times. Despite the many downloads, the rating is 4.4 stars. Of course we tried out the mobile game for you.

Why is MR Racer worth downloading?

I don’t want to cheat you: I tested the game for almost an hour, so I can only give you a first impression. But it was fun and, above all, you could start right away. So I don’t have to spend long learning how to move the car, spend hours tweaking my car, manage my team or whatever. Just grab the first car, get in, and drive off.

In this game, which is actually paid for, you start with five million virtual cash, so instead of the little runabout you can also pull a super sports car ashore or even a vehicle, which does not look like the Tesla Cybertruck by chance! But I’ll tell you right away: Anyone expecting a lifelike racing simulation will be disappointed.

To be honest, there aren’t even any bends, instead you shoot along a dead straight track and have to avoid other cars. Sounds lame? Yes, maybe, but it’s a lot of fun – and after every crash you press restart with an “Okay, but only one more game” on your lips.

There are several game modes: Challenge, Career Race, Multiplayer, Endless, Free Ride, Chase and Time Trial. You are on different routes, at different times of the day and year. Functionally, the whole thing is kept a little spartan. On the right you press the accelerator, on the left on the brake. You can also honk your horn and change the camera perspective.

There is nothing more to explain. You just hit the gas, you don’t have to worry about an empty tank or worn tires. The only thing you should avoid is crashes: one accident and the race is over! As I said: The game principle is simple, but it is fun and can also be played offline. It is perfect for simply playing a round in between. The reviews are very positive and the game is rated really well with 4.3 stars.

Does MR Racer respect your privacy?

MR Racer offers you in-app purchases, but you don’t have to use them. There are no advertisements in the game. According to the privacy analysis platform Exodus, there is only one tracker (Google Firebase Analytics). When it comes to permissions, only the one for the microphone is out of the ordinary, but you don’t have to agree to that. The data protection declaration of the Indian software company Chennai Games also looks unsuspicious.


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So we have uncomplicated racing fun here, which certainly doesn’t come up with particularly low games, but is entertaining. Those who like it uncomplicated will certainly get their money’s worth here. So sit down behind the steering wheel for a test drive and press the gas pedal to the fullest.

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