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Download LunarSight App: Decipher the night sky with your iPhone

Download LunarSight App

Are we seeing a waxing or waning moon in the night sky? With the iOS app “LunarSight” you can find out with countless additional information. Since you can currently get the iOS app on your iPhone for free, I will introduce you to the application for NextPit.

  • “LunarSight” app for iOS is currently free, otherwise costs 2.99 euros
  • The application collects countless information about the current moon phase and the astrological calendar
  • German voice output available, lunar calendar even as a widget on the home screen


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One day after Halloween, many of us are still enchanted by a mystical atmosphere. So it fits well that I selected an astronomy app for iOS as a free app for you on November 1st. “Lunar Sight” usually costs 2.99 euros and contains a lot of detailed information on the current and future moon phases.

  • Download LunarSight for iOS

If you like to take photos of the moon, you can easily see when the moon rises and when it reaches its climax in the night sky. If you are more of an astronomy fan, there is also information on the phase angle, the current distance and other position data. The information is updated live and can also be viewed for the past and the future.

Is it worth downloading LunarSight?

As a free app, it’s definitely worth trying out. Especially since the application contains neither advertising nor in-app purchases. In the long run, however, you will gain something from LunarSight if you are interested in either astronomy or astrology. Because in addition to detailed information on the position of the satellite, you can also see the positions of the sun and moon in the astrological wheel.

LunarSight app for iOS
LunarSight impresses with its beautiful design and ease of use. / © SD9 Software / NextPit

There are also ephemeris in calendar form and a moon phase calendar, which you can also place as a widget on the start screen. You can also choose a rendered image of the current moon phase as a further widget. Design and usability are super high quality and I think LunarSight is a good addition to apps like “Night Sky”, which informs you about constellations and more.

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Is it safe to download LunarSight?

Upon request, LunarSight will adapt the information shown to your location. Of course, you have to release your location for this, but the rough release that is available in iOS 15 is sufficient. Afterwards, LunarSight will not ask you for a name or an email address. The developer “SD9 Software” did not provide any information on data protection. There is a link to the privacy policy for this.

This looks like a standard form. You will be informed that certain data will be used for analysis purposes. Last but not least: LunarSight has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars in the AppStore. There were 32 users who voted.

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How would you rate LunarSight – and are you interested in apps like this? Let us know in the comments!

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