Download Easy Sum: free iOS app to make your shopping easier

Today’s free iOS app is a godsend to me. With Easy Sum app, you can do simple calculations faster than ever before. If you sometimes have problems remembering how much money you have to pay at the supermarket checkout, then this app is just right for you!

  • Easy Sum is available for free on the App Store for a limited time
  • Usually, it costs 2.29 euros
  • It helps to make simple price additions to make shopping easier


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Download Easy Sum from the App Store

I’ll tell you something: I have a terrible memory of numbers. It doesn’t matter if it’s big numbers like phone numbers or tax numbers or small numbers – everything disappears from my brain at Dory speed. If I then have to process these numbers, a catastrophe threatens. Even a simple subtraction can cause a lot of frustration.

The app I’m introducing to you today can be a lifesaver for anyone who has similar problems with numbers. Because it allows you to shop without having to think about the total amount every time you put an item back in the shopping cart.

Why is it worth downloading Easy Sum app?

Download Easy Sum app, Easy Sum app iOS
Easy calculation of VAT! / © NextPit

Using Easy Sum is very easy. It enables you to quickly make all the necessary calculations when shopping, so it can be described as a mixture of shopping list and calculator.


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The special thing about Easy Sum is the speed with which you can change your list. You don’t have to add product names like you would with a typical shopping list app. You simply add the next price and the app changes the total while the order is also saved. If you want to take an item out again, simply tap the corresponding button and the selected price will be automatically deducted from the total.

So if you get close to the upper limit of your budget, all you need to do is switch off the prices of the items that you want to potentially omit. Then you can see directly what the reduced sum would look like. So you can make decisions quickly or simply keep track of the amount that you have to spend in the end.

The overall design is also practical. It’s really intuitive, with easy-to-navigate menus that make the experience so much easier. Oh, and the app can be set to automatically calculate VAT, which saves you extra calculations.

Does Easy Sum respect my privacy?

Easy Sum is being developed by Deja Works, a UK-based developer. In the data protection guidelines, the developer points out that apart from the crash analysis, he does not collect any further data.


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The app does not require an account in order to function, does without advertising and can also be used without an internet connection. So basically the app is as clean as it can be!

Are you interested in simple apps like Easy Sum? Let us know in the comments below!

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