Download Dissection Master XR App: This medical app is not for the faint of heart

You can currently download an exciting medical app for free from AppStore and Google Play. Dissection Master XR shows a high-quality scanned anatomical image of a human upper body in an AR view. You will learn which muscle cords and vessels are where and what their names are. But be careful: this application is really not for the faint of heart!

Are you interested in medicine or are you fascinated by the human body? Then take a look at the Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore and download the “Dissection Master XR” app. Because here there is the 7th place of the medical app according to Apple’s app library for free. The application is called Dissection Master XR and costs 19.99 euros.

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As the name suggests, the app provides insight into the human body. After I recommended an anatomy app to you last week and it was really well received, you should click the download button a little more carefully today. Because the body shown is not a 3D model, but a high-quality and detailed scan of a real human body.

Is Dissection Master XR worth downloading?

I downloaded Dissection Master XR once onto an iPad and played around with the app a bit. It wasn’t exactly something I would do before breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Because the body scans shown are really detailed and admittedly a little spooky. Especially since you can switch through seven levels using the slider on the right side and look further into the body.

Anatomy app NextPit
Dissection Master XR shows you a detailed body scan. / © NextPit

The screenshots in this article are always the first level. Unfortunately, apart from the scan of the upper body, there are no other models in the app so far. As the developer writes in the AppStore, an eighth level will soon be added. What is exciting for medical students and those who are particularly interested is that you can display further information on muscles, tendons and other details.


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The rest of the functionality is not too extensive. You can take pictures and videos and move the 3D model in space. I couldn’t find any advertising for this in the app under iOS and there were no in-app purchases. If you are interested in medicine and are not bothered by real body scans, you should definitely download the app.

Is it safe to download?

After installing, Dissection Master XR will of course ask for access to your camera. In addition, you do not have to create a Konkto or grant any other permissions. The data protection regulations are clear and show no other abnormalities apart from the camera access.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t install the application on Android because the Fairphone 4 is not compatible with the app. The Exodus site did not give me any analysis on trackers either. However, since the data protection regulations are applicable to both iOS and Android, there should not be any major deviations here. If so, please let me know in the comments!

How do you like Dissection Master XR and do you find such apps exciting? Let me know in the comments!

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