Download Display Brightness Control app for Android Free instead of € 0.69

Brightness Control is an Android app with which you can automate the brightness of your smartphone. The app normally costs € 0.69, but is currently available for free – and therefore our free app of the day.

  • The promotion for Brightness Control expires in 3 days
  • the app does not contain any advertising or in-app purchases
  • Brightness Control has a rating of 3.8 stars from 53 reviews and over 1000 downloads

Almost all modern smartphones offer automatic brightness control that adapts to the ambient light to protect your eyes. With Brightness Control you can adjust this automation even further.

  • Download Brightness Control for Android

Is it worth downloading Brightness Control?

Brightness control is clearly a niche application. With the app, you can program the change in the display brightness according to the time window you have chosen.

The UI is kept very simple. You can set the exact brightness of the smartphone display with a start and end time. Alternatively, you can choose on how many days of the week this time span should be used.

If you are particularly sensitive to light and the native reading comfort modes of Android and other functions are not precise enough for you, Brightness Control could be the solution for an individual brightness.


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There are two time ranges available so that you can reset the changed brightness to the desired normal brightness after a certain time. According to the developer, Brightness Control has no effect on the battery because the app does not run constantly in the background and switches off as soon as the planned change in brightness has been made.

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Brightness Control is a niche application, but at least it’s not a note-taking app / © NextPit

Does the Brightness Control application respect your personal data?

As explained above, the Brightness Control app is a niche application. Its 3.8-star rating is therefore based on just 53 reviews from over 1000 downloads. The developer (Arvind Bhanuali) is based in India and has already developed several other tools, all of which have a rating of around 4 stars.

The official website link on the developer’s page doesn’t display the same name as it does on the Play Store. The privacy policy states that some data can be collected, but that it is stored on the device and is not recorded in any way by the developer. The app isn’t indexed on the Exodus privacy platform so I couldn’t search it for trackers.


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The app does not require any personal information or the creation of an account in order to function. The only permission that is required is to change the system settings and thus the brightness level.

What do you think of Brightness Control? Do you want to install the app? In which app categories do you look around most for offers or even free apps? Tell me in the comments.

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