“Don’t look up” will laugh at you mercilessly

“Don’t Look Up” just appeared on “Netflix”. Gwiazdorska oborchard (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and many others) in a snappy satire dressed in science fiction robes does a lot to laugh and amuse us. How do they do it in the new film from the creator of “Vice”? You will find out from our review “Don’t look up”.

“Don’t look up” may not start with an explosion, but almost. A planetoidal comet is approaching the Earth, and humanity has just over half a year left. Fortunately, the attentive doctor and his PhD student at the University of Michigan managed to spot her early enough. It is enough to inform the relevant authorities and prevent a disaster. The problem is that the US president has more serious matters on his mind – one of her supporters is the hero of a moral scandal, and this could hurt her during the mid-term election. Besides, every now and then he participates in some meetings regarding the end of the world – and here environmental activists predict the imminent destruction of our planet, and some virus appeared there. Reports of a cosmic threat do not impress her. As for the breakfast program hosts who prefer to joke about the topic.


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These are the little observations that run through the entire Don’t Look Up. Adam McKay sets a pin on society at every possible moment. It’s not hard to conclude that he wrote the script while listening to pandemic reports. He exploded social behavior to the limits of satirical grotesque, the starting point of which is the reality that surrounds us. That is why we are dealing with a film “based on highly probable events”.

Don’t look up – review

It is easy to imagine (especially in the Polish reality) that when scientists say “look up, you will see a comet”, politicians who do not like it, reply “do not look up because from there they look at you”. In such a situation, a blockbuster star would inevitably appear, supporting both sides of the dispute, so as not to offend anyone. If the scientist had Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance, Internet users would surely call him AILF (Astronomer I’d Like to Fuck), and his doctoral student screaming at the cameras would become the heroine of memes. McKay has no mercy. If he can ridicule the dynamics of our socio-political life, he does so eagerly, building his story out of excess.

The main storyline is focused around Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky trying to save the world. Their efforts, however, fail every now and then. For the director, they are only an excuse to ridicule our mentality in times of danger. He wants to show us multimillionaires who want to cash in on a possible catastrophe and a soldier shooting a comet. And of course to include some reference to “Armageddon”. Fortunately, he has a cast at his disposal, thanks to which the story does not slip out of his hands.


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Don’t Look Up – Netflix – Premiere – TrailerOn the payroll, we can find anyone who is someone in Hollywood. But let’s face it: who but Meryl “Iron Lady” Streep would captivate us as irresponsible president? Who, if not Jennifer Lawrence, would have fun playing the role of a neurotic PhD student who has to eat her weed after discovering a comet? Who, if not Timothee Chalamet, could rebel on the screen and then look like a good boy? Who, if not Ariana Grande, would make peace with an unfaithful ex and finally sing a song with him? McKay’s story consists of afterimages of reality, using the positions of his stars so that even episodic characters are remembered by us.

Don’t look up – opinion about the new film from the creator of “Vice”

The episodes become expressive heroes who have to tell us something about ourselves. Celebrities aren’t needed to explain ambiguities like they did in Big Short, and McKay doesn’t need to accentuate his journalistic flair with formal fireworks as he did in Vice. Therefore, although the film cannot be denied thematic and production-related momentum, “Don’t Look Up” turns out to be a restrained production. One cut-in at the beginning, dynamic editing and social-media narratives are all you can expect. This is definitely a good approach.


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“Don’t look up” all the time hovers on the verge of being overcomplicated, but never exceeds it. Perhaps this is why each punch line turns out to be as accurate as all social tragicomic comments. Although you will be laughing at the screening, then you will think twice before you throw yourself crazy at the rice and toilet paper before the next possible pandemic.

“Don’t look up” hit Netflix.

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