“Don’t look up” ratings: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Worst rated movies in almost a decade

The political comedy “Don’t look up” has been hugely popular on Netflix for several days, but it also raises heated discussions. Most critics were cool with Adam McKay’s new production, which ended up with “rotten” status on Rotten Tomatoes. It is the first such case in Leonardo DiCaprio’s career in almost a decade.

In just three days, Don’t Look Up was watched on Netflix for 111 million hours, and it also received limited theatrical distribution. However, the enviable viewership did not translate into universal admiration. “Don’t look up” ratings provokes very extreme reactions. Even in Entertainment. Blog there is no uniform attitude towards this production. According to Rafał Christ, our reviewer, the new film by Adam McKay makes fun of everyone without mercy, for me “Don’t Look Up” is the last nail in the coffin of American satire.


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Our intra-editorial disputes are only part of a wider debate. It is not known what the actors in the production have to do with all this confusion. We can guess, however, that they are not happy with the rotten tomato on Rotten Tomatoes. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is usually a critics’ favorite, maybe particularly dissatisfied. Suffice it to say that no film with his participation has had such poor ratings for almost 10 years.

“Don’t Look Up” is Leonardo DiCaprio’s first “rotten” film since The Great Gatsby.

The comedy title, which debuted at the end of December, currently records an average of 56 percent. on Rotten Tomatoes. So it stands in stark contrast to most of DiCaptrio’s achievements from the past decade. The American starred in Django (87%), The Great Gatsby (48%), The Wolf of Wall Street (79%), The Revenant (78%) and Once Upon a Time. .. in Hollywood “(85%). So it is clear that only one of its production met with a cooler response from the reviewers.

As a consolation, it is worth saying that “Don’t look up” was received better by the audience themselves. On Rotten Tomatoes, McKay’s film has a nice average of 77%. from common users. In turn, the total value of ratings on Filmweb and IMDb is 6.9 and 7.3, respectively, on a ten-point scale. Which of course doesn’t mean your audience isn’t having any “Don’t Look Up” discussions. For example, anti-vaccines perceive Netflix’s production as an expression of support for their views.


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