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Does Toy Story really need a sequel?

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A new Toy Story sequel was confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger on the company’s latest investor conference call. What for many was cause for celebration, the confirmation of Toy Story 5 also generated controversy on social networks. Many fans question whether a continuation could spoil the ending of the story of Woody and his friends shown in Toy Story 4.

The Pixar Animation Studios franchise has been successful since its first film in 1995, whether it’s grossing billions at the box office or revolutionizing animation techniques for film.

And just like every saga that marks generations, fans fear that the extension of the Toy Story narrative will lose its essence in exchange for the profits generated by a new release for Disney.

Despite public fears, the actor who has voiced Buzz Lightyear for 27 years, Tim Allen approved the production of the fifth Toy Story film on Twitter: “So long Woody, you are a sad, weird little man and you have my pity. And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!”

Tweet by actor Tim Allen, voice actor of the character Buzz LightyearSource: Screenshot/Twitter

Another factor that weighs on public opinion is the doubt that hangs over what the plot of Toy Story 5 will be.

As the next feature film will resume the ending proposed by the last film, and, at the time of the release of the fourth production, director Josh Cooley told Entertainment Weekly that “the way we think about Toy Story 4 is that we complete the arcs of these characters “.

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Toy Story was one of Pixar's first theatrical successes.Toy Story was one of Pixar’s first theatrical successes.Source: Pixar

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One of the most cogitated possibilities so far is that Buzz Lightyear and the other toys seek a conclusion to their destinies, since the characters return to Bonnie at the end of Toy Story 4 and, just like what happened with Andy, the child will lose his interest in toys over the years.

Another path that the fifth film in the saga can take is to show Jessie’s evolution as leader of the toy group after Woody passes the badge to her in the last feature.

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The Toy Story sequel does not yet have a release date.The Toy Story sequel does not yet have a release date.Source: Disney

While there is no more information confirmed by the animation studio, it remains for fans of the funniest toys in cinema to deal with anxiety and not miss any news here on Minha Série!

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