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Do Z Fold displays crack after the warranty period expires?

Do Z Fold displays crack after the warranty period expires?

SamMobile is an independent fan portal, as it should be: in addition to collecting Samsung-focused news and tests, as well as Galaxy mobile and tablet tips and updates, it also speaks out against manufacturer bugs that even Samsung’s loyal fans suffer from. Such was the groaning start of the Exynos 2200 or the infamous game optimization service. This time, however, it was not the hardware, but the construction, that combined user feedback with PhoneArena’s own research: the display of several Galaxy Z Fold3 devices was damaged or cracked shortly after the warranty period expired.

Z Fold3 has been a pore on Reddit [+]

Considering how carefully one uses foldable devices, the opening-closing number is finite in terms of the lifespan of the foldable panel and the hinge, and we have also encountered Z Folds that, for example, can no longer be fully opened. Regarding the above two publications, a user who is still paying for the details of the Z Fold3 and who claims to have carefully protected the phone, noticed that the device had a crack in the middle of the bendable screen, and when asked by Samsung, the uBreakiFix then offered service with a repair fee of $800, which is three quarters of the total purchase price of the device. A case with a central crack that made the right side of the screen unusable by touch also surfaced on Reddit, and according to SamMobile, there have been quite a few reports of bendable display damage for this model after the warranty period has expired – typically after 15-18 months based on the publication’s small sample.

Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 arrived at the same time
The bendable genre is becoming more and more popular, but it is only recently that a large number of feedbacks about multi-year durability have been received [+]

It would be premature to draw any conclusions, since the Z Fold3 has found a lot of owners, and the problem may be a very small number, and of course it may be that a larger number of models are affected, this is not yet known. However, since the phone opened at HUF 700,000, its powerful hardware combined with the sheer horsepower and many years of updates can be used for up to 4-5-6 years, it is important that the construction does not tire sooner than the internal components. After all, even if the first owner doesn’t own it for that long, the second and third would happily use such a technologically advanced device for a long time, and it’s not ideal if, after a year and a half of use, problems on the side of the hinge or the bendable panel pull the soil out of the used market. from sales. SamMobile therefore notes: until Samsung responds to these as-yet-unknown number of Z Fold3 feedbacks, it is necessary to think about investing in the foldable genre, and it may take time for the quality of the construction to rise to the level of hardware and software. We are wondering if our readers have encountered a similar error or any others using other bendable models, and of course we are waiting for Samsung’s reaction now that the above matter has been discussed on several portals.

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