Last May 23 Bob Igercurrent CEO of The Walt Disney Companyannounced that they were going to eliminate 7,000 stalls of work throughout the various companies under the umbrella of the House of Mouse. The purpose of this was to save 5,500 million dollars in expenses, which would also have involved the removal of multiple contents from the catalog of Disney+. The entertainment giant has therefore embarked on a ruthless cleanup of his accounts, which apparently will not respect the seniority or the trajectory of some workers.

Reuters echoes that Disney has fired 75 people within the organizational chart of pixar: animation studio that he has owned since 2006. Among these 75 people we find names like michael agulnekwho had been the company’s vice president of international advertising since 2015, and the duo of Angus McLane and Galyn Susman. This has been the most shocking dismissal: both have worked (as director and producer) on the last Pixar film to date, lightyear.

the box office lightyear It left a lot to be desired last year, being the first film that Disney agreed to bring to theaters after the impasse on Disney+ that, in the context of the pandemic, they had shared Soul, Luca and Grid. Since the film did not achieve critical unanimity either, it must have been a painful failure for the House of Mouse, which has decided to do without MacLane and his production company. Regardless, at this point, the resume they both had.

MacLane had been with the company since 1997, starting at Bugs. In addition to co-directing Finding Doryplayed an important role in Coco, Toy Story 4 and Wall e. On Susman’s part it is more dramatic: the production company entered Pixar back in 1995, with toy story, and is credited with having saved its sequel years later. By the end of the decade the studio lost all copies of toy story 2but the film was able to go ahead because Susman had kept one of them at home.

Therefore, it has been considered “the person who saved toy story 2”, but that has not been enough to keep his job.

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