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Disney+ cancels series Willow after one season; see reasons

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Bad news for anyone who is a fan of the productions of willow. The series, which premiered on Disney+ in November 2022, and which was based on the film Willow: In the Land of Magic (1988), has just been canceled and will not feature a new batch of episodes.

The information was provided by the website deadline and, as the publication points out, the cancellation occurs just a few months after the premiere of the work, which served as a sequel to the feature film directed by Ron Howard.

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According to the matter, the cancellation of willow happened for several reasons. First: the fantasy series would not have had the impact that Disney dreamed of. On IMDb, for example, the production has a modest score of only 5.6, and several mixed comments. On Rotten Tomatoes, the situation is a little better: 83% of critics approved the series. Still, it wasn’t enough to convince Disney to keep the series on the air.

Unfortunately for fans, Willow won’t get a 2nd season on Disney+;Source: Disney+

Another reason for the cancellation would be the fierce competition within Lucasfilm, George Lucas’s company (belonging to Disney) from which willow it’s part. Lately, the company’s catalog has given more prominence to productions based on the franchise. Star Warsas The Mandalorian, Andor It is Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example, which have shown good numbers of audience and acceptance among fans and critics. In other words, there would not be much space for willow.

Finally, the cancellation would also be part of Disney’s strategy to bet more on productions that generate substantial profits for its streaming. In this case, due to the lukewarm reactions, willow would not be part of this lucrative catalog that the company has been seeking. However, the production continues as part of the Lucasfilm and Disney catalogs and nothing prevents the title from being revisited at some point in the future.

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On the Serie willow, which is set many years after the events depicted in the original film, “Willow leads a band of misfit heroes on a perilous rescue mission through a world beyond their wildest imagination” (IMDb). The work was created by Jonathan Kasdan and had in its main cast Warwick Davis, Tony Revolori, Ruby Cruz, Ellie Bamber, Erin Kellyman and Amar Chadha-Patel.

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