Disney+ announces the release date of ‘Elemental’, the Pixar film that was successful at its premiere in Spain

The premiere of Pixar’s 27th feature film It arrived on the US billboard on June 16 full of uncertainty, after the lukewarm reception it received upon its launch. Quite the opposite happened in the landing of Elementary in Spain, where it came to occupy the first position of collection and surpassed films like mission impossible 7 and Indiana Jones and the dial of fate.

The film gradually found its place thanks to the international box office, also pushing the North American public to the theaters. So, the film managed to reach 480 million dollars, although it was far from the success of the incredibles 2 (1,243 million), toy story 4 (1,073 million) or Finding Dory (1,029 million), although he managed to avoid the disaster of titles such as Onwards (141 million).

Now, Elementary could get a second chance to become a true phenomenon with his landing on Disney+. The Mickey Mouse company announced that the film directed by Peter Sohn, director behind also Arlo’s Journeywill arrive on the platform on September 13.

The short film and documentary that accompany ‘Elemental’ on Disney +

In the same way, Disney + will also add to its catalog the documentary Pure chemistry: the history of Elemental and Pixar Animation Studios short film carl’s datefeaturing the talking dog Dug from upwhich accompanied the film at its theatrical release.

In the cast of original voices we find Leah Lewis (from the series nancy drew), who voices Ember Lumen; as well as Mamoudou Athie (Jurassic World: Dominion), as Wade Ripple. Two characters that changed names in the Spanish version with Candlelike the singular girl who is pure fire, and Nile, the handsome young man of water. Names with obvious references to their respective elements.

Set in Element City, Elementary tells the story of the place where they live inhabitants of fire, water, earth and air. Among them Candela, a young woman with great character and great intelligence, whose friendship with Nilo will completely change her perspective on the world.

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