Disney and Warner withdraw their advertising from X after an anti-Semitic comment by Elon Musk

The management of x in charge of Elon Musk is being controversial, starting because before it was called Twitter. The tycoon has angered his users through verified accounts and the removal of labels on linked images, but until now he had not infuriated authority figures as much. In the last few hours, multiple companies have decided to withdraw their advertising from X, and the reason is the apparent anti-Semitism exhumed in a recent post by Musk.

It all started when a user wrote the following tweet (or xuit?): “Jewish communities have been promoting the same kind of hate dialectic against white people that they claim they want people to stop using against them. I don’t care that Western Jewish populations are now coming to the disturbing conclusion that they don’t like those minorities who support the invasion of their country very much.” The publication was based on both the Israel-Palestine conflict and deep-rooted theories about Jewish power in Western societies, and Musk could not think of anything other than to agree.

“You have spoken the honest truth.”, wrote. In response to this, multiple companies and institutional organizations have shown their rejection of Musk. IBM has suspended all advertising on X while it “investigates this situation totally unacceptable”, just as he has done Manzana. And the majors of Hollywood have also begun to fall. Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have emulated this decision, and the last to join has been Lionsgateattributing it to “recent antisemitic tweet by Elon Musk” according to Variety. The case of Lionsgate is interesting because it coincides with the presence in cinemas of Ballad of songbirds and snakesthe prequel to The Hunger Games.

Lionsgate used X to promote its film, but has dropped the platform. Meanwhile, other organizations such as White House wave European Comission They have also shown their rejection. “In recent weeks we have witnessed an alarming increase in disinformation and hate speech on various social media platforms, and X is undoubtedly one of them,” they say from the Commission. “We condemn this abominable promotion of anti-Semitic hatred and racist in the strongest terms, which goes against our fundamental values ​​as Americans,” comes to us from the US government.

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