“Disgusting”: Lalo Spain defended himself from attacks after criticizing AMLO

Lalo España upset after the attacks they made on her deceased boyfriend, after criticizing AMLO (Photos: Instagram/@laloespanaoficial and CUARTOSCURO)

After the actor Laura Spain uploaded a video to his social networks talking about the current government, which he classified as “the worst we have ever had”, he received a lot of criticism and this led him to get upset and respond to the president’s supporters Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

In one of his tweets, he expressed that it disgusted him how they expressed themselves on certain sensitive issues just to defend a politician.

“I can ignore a lot of stupid comments of hate, homophobia, etc, but when political fanaticism leads some people to mix and match with the death of the partner of a public or non-public human being, it is disgusting, it reflects an inconceivable poverty of spirit“, wrote.

To this, users attacked the actor, as they said it was a consequence for making uninformed comments, among other negative arguments against him.

“As a public figure you have a greater responsibility, if the comments that hurt you bothered you, imagine the annoyance caused by your misinformed comments in the public, before giving an opinion you have the obligation to inform yourself”; “Unfortunate that you receive insults, that they point out or move personal issues. That is reprehensible. On the other hand, andI hope you have the opportunity to reflect on your clear ‘classism’ and offenses you committed against a large sector of the population. When you offend there is also someone who responds ”, were just some comments on Twitter.

And it is that most of the comments on the clip that he uploaded had quite a few replies against him, since they called him hypocritical and classist by expressing himself pejoratively about people who write badly, when he has dedicated himself to making content to “stun” society. .

At first glance, the comments that the comedian mentioned were not seen, but it is likely that the ones he received were focused on his former partner, Ranferi Aguilarwho died in 2012 from pneumonia.

Lalo Spain attacked the "chairos" (PHOTO: Instagram/laloespanaoficial)
Lalo Spain attacked the “chairos” (PHOTO: Instagram/laloespanaoficial)

This was known because in an interview with Yordi RosadoLalo told several private things, including one of the most painful moments of his life, which was losing his boyfriend.

“He is an angel who came into my life and taught me great lessons… He died very young at 28 years old, it was one of those processes that taught me that we do not have it bought and that you have to be okay with your loved ones (…) understand that we are not that strong, that we are vulnerable, that life goes by very quickly and that it is important to be at peace, to seek peace,” he said.

What Lalo Spain said against AMLO

The video that he uploaded had the following description: “It had to be said and it was said: This is one of the worst governments we have ever had. How sad that Mexico is a country with such valuable people and so many wonders! If I die I wanted them…”.

With a duration of 2 minutes, the comedian began to give his point of view about this government and attacked AMLOcalling him “apparently president”, as well as harshly criticizing the “chairos”.

The typical aggressive, intolerant, blind chairowhatever they want to call it, attacks with a creepily surreal spelling and I support it (Pss that pe** pinc** I televised because you did not say [sic] nothing in other pinc ** governments) ”, he expressed in a mocking tone about those who went against him.

This material was uploaded on September 1 and already has 12,000 retweets, 45,000 likes and almost a thousand comments, in which a disapproval of Lalo España’s words stands out.

“Did you know that you have nothing as a comedian and a comedian? That is why your shows are not sold and now you rent to try to hit and rant against this 4T Government to eat. Your case is sad”; “Look at Mikel Arriola of three pesos, You cannot afford to criticize anyone’s spelling, way of speaking or education when the content you create is one of the social numbing factors produced by Televisa. You make fun of what you have used to live, ”said Internet users.

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