Discover the 10 worst horror movies in the world

There were many horror films that created huge expectations before they hit theaters. Some for being a remake of an old classic, a continuation of a popular film of the genre, or even an adaptation of a renowned video game franchise for the big screen.


All of these ended up failing and are currently remembered in a negative light.

With that in mind, Minha Série brought a list of the ten worst horror movies according to fans and critics of the genre. Check out!

1. Alone in the Dark (2005)


Alone in the Dark is one of the most popular video game franchises in the horror genre. He is considered by many to be the “father” of other famous series such as resident Evil and silent Hill.

Because of this, director Uwe Boll – save that name! – thought it would be a good idea to create an adaptation for the big screen.


Alone in the DarkSource: IMDB

However, the film was a fiasco in many ways, starting with a very different plot from what the games present.

To complete, not even the veteran Christian Slate, who plays the protagonist Edward Carnby, managed to save the production of terrible performances and very weak visual effects.

2. Fear Ponto com Br (2002)

After the success of The callmany were the films that tried to drink from the same source. Fear Dot com Br bet on the popularity of the internet and built a supernatural plot mixed with the virtual routine which began to be part of the daily lives of young people at the time.

Fear Dot com BrFear Dot com BrSource: IMDB

The result is a film with a weak narrative and riddled with problems. After all, it is rather difficult to defend a story about a website that curses people through the ghost of a former serial killer.

3. 3D Piranha (2010)

The remake of one of the horror classics had everything to be a good horror movie. In fact, he even achieves such a feat in the first part of the film, however he got lost when he combined, in a totally wrong way, terror with humor in scenes beyond exaggerated.

3D piranha3D piranhaSource: IMDB

To top it off, the film was shown in theaters in a 3D version, where it reproduced pieces of human flesh and blood “flying” at viewers through special glasses.

Interestingly, the film even won a sequel, which managed to be just as bad as the first. Hard to defend, isn’t it?

4. Son of Chucky (2004)

The name of the movie alone makes viewers turn up their noses. After all, Chucky is a plastic doll that came to life – so, in theory, it would be impossible for him to reproduce.

But in the previous long, Chucky’s Bridethe scene in which the character has sex with another doll already showed that there was no limit to bizarreness.

Chucky's SonChucky’s SonSource: IMDB

The result of the mating between the characters gave rise to Glen, a ventriloquist dummy who resurrects his parents in an attempt to understand why they were so evil.

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Needless to say how much that went wrong and resulted in a story that was beyond disjointed and with a worse ending than we could have imagined.

5. Choose or Die (2022)

The latest movie on our list debuted this year on Netflix. In the story, two friends discover an electronic game that offers a cash prize for whoever completes it. But, little by little, they discover that there is a curse inside him that mixes the virtual world with the real one.

Choose or DieChoose or DieSource: IMDB

If all the surreal plot weren’t enough, the unfolding of the story is something abominable. In addition to having several loose ends, the final stretch of the film brings an unpredictably bad endingcausing a feeling of wasted time when you finish watching it.

6. House of the Dead (2003)

house of the dead is another terrible adaptation of a successful franchise to the big screen. The film insists on creating a different story from what happens in the game, betting on the saturated idea of ​​a group of young people in search of something that has everything to go wrong.

house of the deadhouse of the deadSource: IMDB

The film is also directed by Uwe Boll – look at him here again! –, and it was the first of many features that the director “destroyed” in his terrible film adaptations, which still include Far Cry, BooldRayne and postcard.

These feats made Boll a hated figure by players and fans of the horror genre.

7. A Missed Call (2008)

Another film that tries to follow in the footsteps of The call with a more up-to-date footprint. In the plot, people begin to receive messages giving details about how they will die, as well as the day and time it will happen.

A missed callA missed callSource: IMDB

If such a surreal narrative wasn’t enough, its execution is disastrous, with bad performances and a totally disappointing development. To complete, the film has very poorly done makeup, which offers an air of amateurism to the long.

8. Cabin Fever (2016)

cabin fever draws attention for bringing one of the worst plots ever seen in cinema. In it, a man with a contagious disease is accidentally injured. Looking for help, he ends up entering a water reservoir and infecting the entire supply. Now it’s up to those responsible for the accidental shooting to resolve the situation.

cabin fevercabin feverSource: IMDB

The tragedy increases even more with Terrible performances, especially by the main characters. If that wasn’t enough, the special effects of the “contaminated” borders on simplicity, with make-up of poor quality.

9. The Room of the Forgotten (2016)

This is just another example of a bad script and even worse acting. The film, as the name suggests, revolves around a mysterious room that is only discovered after the owner of the house decides to do a great job.

The Room of the ForgottenThe Room of the ForgottenSource: IMDB

To top it off, the side story about the room’s origin is somewhat disjointed and doesn’t fully justify the supernatural happenings in the place. The film is one of the worst rated on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that aggregates reviews from experts and the general public.

10. Sharknado (2013)

The last movie on the list is so bizarre that today it has become one of the most cult of recent years. Sharknado features a storyline where a devastating hurricane sucks sharks out of the sea and hurls them across Los Angeles.

sharknadosharknadoSource: IMDB

If that were not enough, the franchise won four more films, one being more exaggerated than the other. To top it off, the special effects are of the fifth category and are even funny because they are so poorly done.

You now have a list with an option not to watch during the Halloween period. However, if you are looking for an option, there are several supernatural series to marathon until October 31st. What about?

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