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Discord launches new community moderation feature

Discord launches new community moderation feature
Automatic moderation tool for communities.  (photo: DISCORD INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY)
Automatic moderation tool for communities. (photo: DISCORD INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY)

Discord has recently introduced a new way to detect harmful content and spam, giving administrators and moderators a tool to maintain the security of their server.

The latest function of the application, under the name of ‘AutoMod’, is designed to help moderators on community servers by taking the load off their shoulders, allowing them to remove or prevent malicious scams, language, suspicious links and spam.

AutoMod is now available at Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Y your web application.


How Discord AutoMod Works

AutoMod does this by monitoring all kinds of daily issues, ensuring that the servers are safe and clean.


Through it, moderators can also configure “Common Marked Words” alternating three readily available word lists designed to protect coverage against such terms, including insults, explicit language, sexual content, among others.

Additionally, AutoMod can be configured to use up to three custom filters and add “misses” of certain words to custom rule sets. For example, if a non-moderator attempts to use flagged words or phrases, they may automatically time out and be interrupted from their post, since the component is equipped with keyword filters.

Likewise, the filter function extends through any channel thread established by the moderation team. After all, precautions are needed when scanning conversations and identifying anything with the target keywords before it shows up in chats.

Discord also thought of those who try to avoid this filter

Before you ask: yes, there are definitely some users who will try to find an alternative solution to these filters. To that end, AutoMod will also introduce a feature called ‘Wildcards’.

Mods can specify particular words or phrases to be detected when they appear at the beginning, middle, or end of other words using the character “*” in certain areas surrounding a word or phrase after setting up custom keyword rules.

With AutoMod, the moderator powered by artificial intelligence now you can too inspect written server conversations on voice channels looking for particular keywords, phrases or links to malwarewhich will be blocked and sent as an alert.

On the other hand, wordlists of common flag words are only available in English, and the messaging app didn’t say when it plans to make the feature available in other languages.

'Wildcards' option.  (photo: Discord)
‘Wildcards’ option. (photo: Discord)

How to link a PlayStation Network account with Discord from PC or a web browser

1. Sign in to the discord profile from the application or the website of the platform

2. Login to Settings.

3. Find the section of ‘Connections’.

4. Click on the playstation icon.

5. Click on the option ‘To accept’ not without first reading the data to which Discord will have access, which will not be much.

6. Finally, the system will show a confirmation message, from here the user will have both accounts linked.

PlayStation Network and Discord.  (photo: Discord Support)
PlayStation Network and Discord. (photo: Discord Support)

In the event that not accessible from a computer, people have at their disposal Discord app which you can find in the app store Y Google Play Store. These are the steps to follow:

1. Once the application has been downloaded to the cell phone and accessed the account, you have to click on the avatar icon located in the lower right corner.

2. Then click on the tab of ‘Connections’.

3. Press ‘Add’.

4. Select option ‘Add new PlayStation Network connection’.

5. In the same way as in the browser, a tab will open where you must enter the PlayStation Network ID data and that’s it.

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