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Disappeared: film uses technology to tell suspense story

Imagem de: Desaparecida: filme usa tecnologia para contar história de suspense

In our life, the technology could be a villain In recent years, several films and even series have already explored this subject, as is the case of the success Seeking out, from 2018, which was written and directed by Aneesh Chaganty. Now, in 2023, that same filmmaker returns with a new proposal: Missingwhich approaches the subject from a different point of view.

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However, Chaganty serves only as executive producer and writer for this Sony Pictures release. Including, the premiere was recently confirmed by the distributor for March 2 of this year in Brazilian cinemas. With a plot filled with suspense, the feature film promises to conquer viewers.

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Missing: what is the plot of the thriller movie?

As Seeking outthe proposal to Missing is to bring technology to the center of attention, with the intention of discussing certain problematic issues in contemporary society. Thus, most of the scenes are presented through screens and the narrative develops with this aesthetic factor.

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In the plot, June (Storm Reid) is a young woman connected 24 hours a day on her smartphone, constantly using it to check social networks and interact with acquaintances. After her mother Grace (Nia Long) travels to Colombia with her new boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung), the teen is excited for the chance to have more privacy.

Still, a week later, she goes to the airport to meet her mother. However, upon arriving at the scene and waiting for a long time, she realizes that her mother may be missing. Calling the authorities, June waits for news, but is too anxious to blindly trust the system. For this reason, the character decides to start searching for herself, checking all the digital tools that are available to her.

By her side, June has the help of Veena (Megan Suri), one of her friends. With computers and smartphones in hand, both try to track Grace through Google Maps and also social networks such as Facebook. From there, she also connects with detective Javier (Joaquim de Almeida), who works directly from Colombia.

In this way, gradually, the girl realizes that her mother may be in serious trouble, since, in the midst of her online searches, June discovers that Kevin is not exactly who he appears to be.

Missing: is it worth waiting for the release of the film in theaters?

As described earlier, Missing have everything to follow in the footsteps of Seeking out (2018), which had a budget of US$880,000 and grossed over US$75 million, becoming a true box office phenomenon. According to Aneesh Chaganty, despite not being dealing with similar characters, it is possible to argue that it is a sequel to an anthological franchise with similar themes at play.

Filming began in March 2021 in the city of Los Angeles, ending its practical work at the end of May of that same year. With the direction of the editors of Seeking outWill Merrick and Nick Johnson, Missing it has already been shown at some important festivals, such as Sundance, this January.

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on the portal Rotten Tomatoes, based on just over 80 reviews, the feature film received a good score. As for the public, the work has the approval of 90% of those registered on the platform. In the United States, the premiere is scheduled for February 24.

Looking forward to this release in Brazil? The arrival of the film here takes place on March 2!

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