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Digital photography: the recommended books to have the best photos on the Internet

Some only meet physically
Some only meet physically

Technological advances have allowed everyone with a smartphone to take high-quality photos, without needing to know much about photography or own sophisticated cameras. Due to the above, there are those who want to learn more about this discipline, either because they want to develop professionally in this field or because they have made it one of their favorite hobbies. These are some very useful books to learn about digital photography.

Complete Guide to Digital Image, by Hugo Rodríguez

It is a popular book for photography students, and although it specializes in the technical aspects of photography, it is written in a way that is easy to understand, making it very useful to have around during practice whether you are taking photos or editing them.

The fundamentals of photography, by José María Mellado

The author also narrates his experience as a photographer through various images of his authorship, which serve as inspiration and help for those who consult this book. In addition, it adapts old photography techniques to the digital age, but what is interesting for readers is its complete description of how Adobe Photoshop works, which makes the document work as a perfect guide to improve work in this program. photo editing.

Manipulate your digital photos with Photoshop CC, by Scott Kelby

This book is a very complete instruction manual for using the popular image editing software, but especially the author gives away his tricks and techniques that have worked for him to achieve very good effects in his photographic works.

Photoshop CC 2014 for Photographers, by Martin Evening

Adobe Photoshop is updated periodically, but its tools and techniques continue, so this book will help you understand how the application works for computers, in addition to explaining what each of the functions included in the program consists of. The book is not available digitally, but having it in physical form is a great advantage.

Digital Post Processing Workflow Manual by Juergen Gulbins

You might think that it is an outdated book since approximately 10 years have passed since its publication. However, although digital photography is directly related to technology and its evolution, there are some techniques that have always been essential in the discipline, such as color management, backup copies or printing.

Black and white digital photography by Gabriel Brau

When you look at a black and white photograph, you tend to think of the early years of the last century and the analog cameras of the time. However, this is a technique that is still valid and is highly valued by photographers.

The author has specialized throughout his career in this technique, so in the book he gives away all his knowledge about the subject in a theoretical way and then teaches the reader the practice, illustrating several of his own works.

In addition, some processes in Adobe Photoshop are also indicated to edit black and white images with very good results.

Photography Step by Step by Michael Langford

This is a book from 1978 but it is very useful to read if you want to learn about the history of photography and how things worked when cameras and processes were analog. It contains chapters that cover topics such as camera fundamentals, lighting techniques, framing types, and composition rules.


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