Digimon: remember the most nostalgic anime openings

On March 7, 1999, the anime premiered Digimon. The Japanese animation was very successful and spawned new series of the project, in addition to films and games. The charisma of its characters, especially the Digimons, in addition to its action sequences and Digievolutions, won over children at the time.

To this day, the Japanese franchise remains one of the most famous in the genre. However, the debut seasons were marked in the childhood of many Brazilians, courtesy of the airing on open TV programming, on broadcasters such as Globo and RedeTV.

One of its biggest milestones is the iconic openings of each season. They are famous for bringing songs that stick in the head and presenting the characters in a unique way, including striking lyrics in Portuguese.

In celebration of the 24th anniversary of the release of the Japanese series, here are some of the most nostalgic openings in animation and the history of their respective series.

4. Digimon Adventure

Over 54 episodes, the first series of the anime was shown between March 7, 1999 and March 26, 2000 — in Brazil, the opening was marked by having presenter Angélica singing the theme song. The story follows a group of children who are taken to Digimundo, a digital world inhabited by creatures known as Digimon. There, they must team up with the creatures and fight an impending evil that threatens the parallel world.

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This beginning was responsible for establishing the space of the franchise Digimon in the entertainment industry and make it one of the most famous and beloved productions in the genre. From it, games, books and even a new version of the series, released in 2020, were made.

3. Digimon Adventure 02

Shortly after the end of the previous series, the sequel to the anime began airing on April 2, 2000. The new batch of 50 episodes came to an end on March 25, 2001. In this new season, the story takes place three years after the events of previous episodes.

Now, a human known as the Digimon Kaiser has begun to hunt down Digimon and enslave the creatures. In addition, he built black towers that prevent the evolution of Digiworld beings. So, three new children are chosen to join Takeru and Hikari to stop the villain.

2. Digimon Tamers

The second series sequel arrived on 1 April 2001 and ended on 31 March 2002. Its 51 episodes have a more serious and more mature tone than previous seasons.

In this new narrative, the previous two Digimon anime stories are fictional and spawned a very popular franchise of card games and video games. One day, a young fan of the series, Takato Matsuda, ends up accidentally materializing Guilmon, a Digimon he had created.

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From then on, he discovers that the country’s government is aware of the appearance of other creatures from the Digiworld in the Real World and does everything to hide his partner. He teams up with a famous card player, Rika Nonaka, who has several real Digimon as her partners, and Li Jenrya. Now, it’s up to the three children to save the Digimons scattered across the world and prevent chaos from ensuing.

1. Digimon Frontier

This series was expected to be the last in the franchise. Digimon. Replacing the third project, it was shown between April 7, 2002 and March 30, 2003. However, the success of the 50 episodes was so great that another series was launched later.

Here, the series goes back in time to tell the story of the Ten Warriors. They sacrificed themselves to save the Digital World from a terrible evil that threatened to destroy the parallel reality.

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The world was under the care of the Three Angels until the day that one of them, Cherubimon, rebelled and decided to lock up the other two and dominate the Digital World on his own. To stop his reign of terror, Ofanimon summoned five children from the Real World to fight the evil angel.

So, did you like to watch anime when you were a kid?

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