Home Android Did you fall there? Twitter users report instability this Wednesday (27)

Did you fall there? Twitter users report instability this Wednesday (27)

 Did you fall there?  Twitter users report instability this Wednesday (27)

This Wednesday afternoon (27) is being marked by complaints against Twitter. According to community information, the social network displays the message “An error has occurred. Try to reload the page” when opening the feed, a problem that is not the first time it appears on the platform.

According to Downdetector, a portal that monitors the functioning of apps and services, around 2:00 pm today the social network began to show related failures in both the web and mobile versions, corresponding to 93% and 6% of complaints, respectively. The site registered 170 complaints from users at that time.

Twitter on Downdetector on July 27, 2022. (Image: Screenshot.)

Tests carried out by AllCellular at 5:50 pm they confirm that the platform has returned to normal operation, allowing users to log in both on the computer and on the cell phone. Features like posting tweets, comments, likes and other activities are running smoothly; the company did not take a position on what happened.

Despite this, it is possible that some users are still experiencing slowness in resuming operation, as the stabilization of services usually takes a few hours.

Original text (07/14/2022)

Did you fall there? Twitter users report instability this Thursday (14)

On the morning of this Thursday (14), Twitter is experiencing instabilities, according to reports from several users. According to data from the Downdetector platform, the social network had a peak of complaints about crashes at 9:16 am. So far, profiles and not even the feed carry publications, in addition to the impossibility of making posts.

When trying to access Twitter, whether from computers or mobile devices, the user will encounter error messages and warnings as if their account is not logged into the platform.

Reports of instability on the social network would have started around 9 am.

Playback: Downdetector

When trying to enter the social network through the website, the user finds a screen with the information that the page has fallen and cannot be accessed.

Playback: Twitter

Twitter has not yet officially commented on the problems and there is no information on what caused the crash on the social network.

On other sites, users joke that Elon Musk was behind the problem. Yesterday (13), Twitter started a lawsuit against the billionaire to pressure him to complete the acquisition of the social network for US$ 44 billion. According to the businessman, the platform would have violated the terms of the deal by refusing to disclose information about the true number of fake accounts on the platform.

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