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Dexter to win new series after cancellation of New Blood

Dexter to win new series after cancellation of New Blood

the end of dexter, which had eight seasons in total, did not please fans of the series, who thought that the outcome of the project did not make much sense within the narrative. As a way of “setting things right”, the production gained a revival called Dexter: New Bloodwhich debuted in 2021 and continued the murderous trajectory of the character Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall.

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The new series of dexter, released on streaming Paramount +, was well praised by fans and pleased a lot. However, the work was canceled and will not win a 2nd season, which left many viewers disappointed. However, there is good news on the horizon: dexter will get a prequel series, in addition to other spin-offs.

Dexter fans rejoice, as the Dexter universe will live on through multiple spin-off projects planned by Showtime and Paramount.Source: Paramount

The information was released by The Hollywood Reporter, which stated that the Showtime channel, in partnership with Paramount, is already developing several projects within the universe of dexter. Among them, the main one would be a prequel, which would show the origins of Dexter Morgan and everything that led him to become a feared assassin.

Additionally, spin-off series about Dexter’s various enemies throughout the original narrative are also being considered. In them, we would see the origins of these serial killers and what they did before crossing Dexter Morgan. This would include, for example, Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow), known as the Trinity Killer, a family man who lives a double life and who is considered by fans to be Dexter’s greatest adversary throughout the original series.

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About Dexter

The series dexter premiered in 2006 and ran until 2013 on Showtime. The production is based on a literary series of criminal novels, created by Jeff Lindsay, and features a forensic scientist who becomes a cold and calculating serial killer, who tries to always be ahead of his fellow police officers and his sister, Debra ( Jennifer Carpenter).

In addition to Hall and Carpenter, the Dexter cast included David Zayas, James Remar,
CS Lee, Luna Lauren Velez, Desmond Harrington, Julie Benz, Christina Robinson, Erik King, Preston Bailey, among others.

Already new blood shows Dexter 10 years after he was discovered and fled Miami. Now, he lives under a new identity in a sleepy country town. However, he soon realizes that his past has not died and that old ghosts have come back to haunt him.

None of the spin-off projects have details or premiere dates yet.

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