Details: Still unclear about the screen in the next iPhone SE

Update 2022-11-01


Details: Still unclear about the screen in the next iPhone SE

According to Macrumors, there is still uncertainty as to what screen we will see in the fourth-generation iPhone SE, which is said to be under development.

Recently, analyst Ross Young claimed that we will see a 6.1-inch screen, but there are also rumors of a 5.7-inch screen.


It is also unclear if it will be an OLED screen or if Apple chooses to stick with LCD for a while longer.

There are also different offers on whether the mobile phone should be equipped with Touch ID or Face ID.


A logical explanation for the confusion is that two models may be relevant. For a long time now, there have been rumors that the iPhone SE will be joined by a larger model called the iPhone SE Plus.

Update 2022-10-10

Details: The next iPhone SE will have a 6.1-inch screen with a notch

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young, the next iPhone SE will have a 6.1-inch screen with a notch, reports Macrumors.


Whether this will mean that the fourth-generation iPhone SE will also get a Truedepth camera that can be used for Face ID is, however, unknown.

If the mobile is to have a screen that covers the entire front, but not Face ID, this would mean that a possible Touch ID button could appear on the side of the mobile.

Update 2022-08-30

Jon Prosser: The next iPhone SE will be like the iPhone XR

A few years ago, Jon Prosser was one of the most quoted rumormongers around Apple, but after a bunch of big misses, he has more or less disappeared from the Apple rumor radar.

Now 9 to 5 Mac reports that he is back with a new claim about upcoming Apple products after all. In an episode of the podcast Geared Up with Andru Edwards and Jon Rettinger, he talks about the next iPhone SE, which he claims will have the exact same shape as the iPhone XR instead of the old iPhone 8 design it has had for the last two generations.

If the information is correct, it means the end of Touch ID in the iPhone and that the iPhone SE finally gets both a full screen and Face ID authentication. It can also mean better battery life.

The third generation iPhone SE was released this spring and it will take as long for the next one as for the previous one, “Iphone SE 4” will appear in 2024.

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