Details: Apple Pencil for iPhone was discontinued just before launch

According to tech leaker DuanRui, Apple intended to launch a new model of the Apple Pencil for the iPhone in September, but the launch is said to have been stopped at the last moment.


The new stylus was supposed to cost half as much as the first-generation Apple Pencil, that is, $49. To lower the price, the pressure-sensitive sensors and the built-in battery were removed, reports Macrumors.

The idea was that the new model of Apple Pencil could also be used with the tenth generation iPad, but instead Apple chose to send an adapter for the first generation Apple Pencil.


As early as May 2016, attention was drawn to a quote from Tim Cook indicating that Apple had been testing the Apple Pencil for the iPhone for an extended period of time.

– If you’ve ever seen what can be created with the Apple Pencil on an iPhone or iPad, it’s truly incredible, Tim Cook said in an interview with the Indian television channel NDTV at the time.


Apple has also applied for a number of patents which indicate that the iPhone may get support for the Apple Pencil sooner or later. In one of the patents, it is clearly stated that the stylus can be used with an iPhone, something that can also be seen in the illustration below.

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