“Despues de. Infinite love”: the fourth installment of the renowned saga arrives

Based on the novels by Anna Todd, comes this film adaptation that tells the love story of Tessa and Hardin. (DIAMOND FILMS)

The saga of books originating on the platform wattpad they had an unexpected success in their film adaptations. Now comes the fourth installment called Despues de. Infinite lovewhich is run by Castle Landon and based on the 2015 novel written by Anna Todd. After three successful deliveries, Despues de. Everything starts here, After. in a thousand pieces Y Despues de. Lost souls, This film opens on August 25.

The new film brings to the fore the love between Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), which continues to go through thousands of difficulties. While Hardin remains in London and sinks deeper and deeper, Tessa returns to the United States, to Seattle. Tessa is no longer that sweet girl that she was when she met Hardin. He desperately needs her, but she: does she feel the same way?

“After. Infinite Love” hits theaters on August 25. (DIAMOND FILMS)

Recall that each of the films is based on Todd’s book saga that managed to gather millions of fans around the world and that recounted Tessa’s story and journey to becoming a self-confident woman.

“In this film, the leads know that they have to develop without each other to be the people they need to be,” the director said in a press release. “While they aren’t together throughout the entire film as they have been in previous ones, it allows Hero and Jo to shine in their performances and reach new emotional depths. They are films that reflect universal emotions”concluded the director.

A relationship with many difficulties for Tessa and Hardin.  (DIAMOND FILMS)
A relationship with many difficulties for Tessa and Hardin. (DIAMOND FILMS)

Despues de. Infinite love It was filmed in Bulgaria where they managed to recreate the cities of Seattle, New York and London. In turn, the film repeats part of the cast presented in the third installment, among which are the winner of the Academy Award Mira Sorvino as Carol, Tessa’s mother, arielle kebbel in the role of Kimberly Vance, Frances Turner as Karen Scott Rob Estes as Ken Scott; Y Atanas Srebrev as Tessa’s father, Richard Young. “It’s a pleasure working with these people for so long and it really becomes like family,” he said. Fiennes Tiffin about his role.

“We would start the morning with a handful of people who recognized what was going on, and then by the end of the day there were hundreds of fans outside.”, counted landon about the experience of filming in Bulgaria. “It’s really exciting, because it shows you that this is meaningful to people.” Added to this comment Josephine Langford, who noted that “these movies are really for the fans and are a thank you to the people who have supported us.”

"We all have demons": this is how the poster for the fourth installment is presented.  (DIAMOND FILMS)
“We all have demons”: this is how the poster for the fourth installment is presented. (DIAMOND FILMS)

The franchise of despues de is a phenomenon that has traveled the world and that fills the bookstores of all the big cities, and now the fans have the possibility to return to enjoy a new chapter of this love story between Tessa and Hardin.

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