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Death, exploitation, abandonment and more: Everything behind a cute puppy for sale on the internet

Those animals live under the worst torture”, he pointed to TechMarkup activist Michelle del Cuenco, who is part of Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) on the sale of domestic and exotic animals onlinewhich also run the risk of being abandoned and suffer violence in the hands of its buyer.


Although in some countries there are regulations on the sale of animalsregulations are insufficient. By only focusing on physical stores, They have given free passage to commerce in social networks and even in recognized ecommerce platforms.

While some sites like Facebook (since 2018) have implemented algorithms that prohibit the sale of animals on Marketplace, including any body part such as skin and fursellers manage to follow selling animals as consumer products through groups and “personal” profiles.


Given this, People for Animal Defense (GEPDA) of Mexico, was organized to present the Draft initiative to ban the online sale of petsyes and the Draft initiative for the prohibition of online sale of wildlife. In the documents to which he had access TechMarkupexposes the seriousness of living beings being sold on Internet platforms and requires the authorities to take action on the matter through the implementation of bans.

And it is that regardless of the species, the animal suffers abuse when being sold on the Internet for different reasons. According to Ms. Mónica Pineda, president of GEPDA, it is largely due to the absence of a public policy that implements strategies for the defense and well-being of the environment.


Many years ago they sold slaves. Now lives are sold, but of animals”said Norma Huerta, head of the Mundo Patitas organization, pointing out the situation of exploitation experienced by animals before, during and after being sold in physical (illegal) markets as well as on virtual platforms.

wildlife animals

Not only pets such as purebred dogs and cats are sold on the Internet, but pets wildlife, which in many cases are endangered species.

“Sadly, the country (Mexico) is also distinguished by the animal abuse and illegal trafficking of species. According to the Official Mexican Standard NOM-059, currently in Mexico there are 49 species that are probably extinct in the wild, 471 species in danger of extinction, 884 threatened species, 1183 species subject to special protection 2 and an unknown number of animals living in the wild. clandestine, victims of all kinds of abuse”, indicates the GEPDA initiative document.


These animals are kidnapped from the wild to satisfy the whims of humans At national and international level. Many of them are offered Internet because there is no supervision of the authorities and why are not required to show origin of them, making it a difficult task to identify if they were illegally stolen.

“Besides, it’s much easier, faster and less risky to find all kinds of species online have to get them in person”, said Mónica Pineda to TechMarkup. He said that today even a minor can buy an animal without any requirement.

Thanks to the Internet, traffickers remain anonymous, which allows them to physically evade any complaints or reports by deleting your profile, an action that only takes a few seconds. But it is not only that, but “Profepa [Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente]does not accept complaints in relation to the trafficking of wild species if the physical location of the accused or the point of sale is not provided,” Pineda denounced.

Cubs of tigers, lions, spider monkeys, macaws, toucans, parrots, hawks, reptiles, wild boars among other wildlife and in danger of extinction are marketed on the Internet because, even when some sites prohibit their sale, traffickers create profiles to sell them and their worst punishment is to close the account. Although the Mexican authorities have legal faults, is not the only country where users offer animals on digital platformsbecause in Argentina and the United States, among others, something similar happens.

Domestic animals

Something similar happens with perros, cats and ferrets and other species They are usually acquired as pets. Although they are not in danger of extinction or are kidnapped from their ecosystems, they are. they suffer because of the demand and lack of empathy of the people.

They are sold without any medical protocol essential such as medical check-up, deworming and vaccination. So the sellers by saving medical expenses, the cost of the animal is significantly reduced and therefore its sale becomes attractive and massivePineda explained.

“If to the above we add the existence of irresponsible landlords who mistreat or abandon to their animals, the absence of a culture of adopting dogs and cats, and the lack of application of the existing laws on animal protection in this country, we detect that these animals are left totally defenseless”, he added.

According to complaints the GPDA has received in recent years, the majority of animals sold online are shipped to buyers. dehydrated, sick and it is very common for them to die within a few days to be acquired. In addition, it violates Animal Health Law that prohibits the transportation of sick animals.

Similar to the case of wild animals, where their origin is unknown, domestic pets “generally come from severely exploited, malnourished, decalcified and sick mothers”.

How to end this “other” digitized animal cruelty

Pineda pointed out that the online sale of animals can be regulated, however, the authorities need to put their finger on the line and enact laws that punish the aggressors and on the other hand, “it is necessary stop seeing non-human animals as merchandiseThey are living beings subject to rights and they must be respected”. That is, the conjunction of these three fundamental aspects is made to the “Five Freedoms” of animals is asserted.

The activist Michelle Cueto recalled that if domestic animals, despite having various regulations in their favor, are exploited for human benefit, other animals suffer from many more deficiencies and recognition, being seen as things and not living beings that suffer and feel.

“There is no difference (between domestic and wild animals) because in the end the same act is committed. Make profit, exploit and do other types of activities towards animals to obtain money”. In this way, it coincided that there are still more laws decreed by the government authorities and that regardless of this, people become aware that they are living beings before anything else.

For her part, Norma Huerta said that “we would have to make citizens very aware, in order to avoid the purchase of animals. Just as we suddenly call for demonstrations in circuses or call for people to stop going to bullfights, so we should call for people not to buy them and adopt”.

As a rescuer of domestic animals, he assured that mongrel dogs and cats are just as loving and valuable as purebreds, so he called on people stop looking for animals to be given status and adopt.

Although the fight is long for tough laws against the sale of domestic and wild animals on the Internet, animal activists agree that there must also be a work in society to become aware that animals deserve to be respected and treated like the living beings they are.


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