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Death, Death, Death: discover A24 film available on HBO Max

Imagem de: Morte, Morte, Morte: conheça filme da A24 disponível no HBO Max

Originally released in August 2022, the feature film Death, Death, Death (Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, in the original) has just arrived at the HBO Max catalogue. A24’s terrifying production is directed by Halina Reijn and features a slasher plot filled with great mysteries.

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2022 South by Southwest festival sensation, Death, Death, Death stars Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace and Pete Davidson in its main cast.

Below, you can check out more details about the film. Check out if the feature film can be a good request for the weekend!

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Death, Death, Death: what is the story of the A24 film?

The narrative is centered on a group of teenagers who decide to have fun after a hurricane passes through the United States, promoting a private party with lots of drinks, making out and swimming. For this, those involved gather at the remote mansion of childhood friends Sophie (Stenberg), who has recently spent time in rehabilitation and wants to see her acquaintances again.

During the celebration, Bee (Bakalova), his girlfriend, who is quite shy, tries to fit in and is alerted by one of the guests about Sophie’s behavior. Other issues also happen involving Bee, who ends up experiencing something she has never had contact with before.

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Throughout the party, everyone decides to play a game popularly known as “Bodies Bodies Bodies”. In detective style, it is defined that a murderer is going to commit a crime and he will need to be caught by everyone else. The intention is that the killer manages to deceive all players if he wants to win.

But as time passes and some arguments happen, they decide to end the game, mainly because of the discomfort caused by the drink. However, the guests discover that a murder actually took place in the meantime. From there, with a very tense atmosphere, they will need to unite to find out who committed this brutal crime.

The big question is what other victims can be claimed along the way, given that this game may have provoked extreme reactions from everyone involved. With this dynamic, it is evident that the film drinks from the source of other productions of the slasher genre, but still has its charm.

So if you’re curious, be sure to watch Death, Death, Death right now on HBO Max!

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