Deal watcher: Black Friday offers from Sony

Sony also reduced the prices of certain products in its brand stores and at some of its reseller partners. The Japanese manufacturer’s entire promotional offer can be viewed on the Sony Central Salon website here or on the Central Brand Shop page here, there are minor differences, we will also include them in our list. We have tested several of Sony’s discounted products, for example Xperia phones, noise-filtering headphones and earphones, or the unique LinkBuds models. Clicking on the product name in the list will open our test in a new tab.


Discount Xperia phones:

  • Sony Xperia 5 IV — The newest member of the 5 series in an 8/128 GB package, regardless of card, with a three-year domestic warranty, is now HUF 376,900 in the Central Salon, which can be said to be favorable compared to the introductory price of HUF 449,990, although the Xperia 5 is still remains the most expensive compact mobile phone this year. Instead, IP65/68 waterproof, Qi wireless charging, expandable storage space, no hole or notch in the display, stereo speakers, 3.5 mm high-resolution connector, three correct cameras, notification LED and AoD, which are at the same time, no other mobile phone offers it at the moment.
    Update: On the AQUA site, you can find a couple of Xperia 5 IVs at an even bigger discount, the phone can be purchased there for HUF 319,990, at the time of the update, the site lists 8 units in stock, so even the most expensive compact indicator does not fit the mobile anymore.
  • Sony Xperia 10 IV — Also this year’s phone, it currently costs HUF 139,900 in the 6/128 GB version, with a two-year domestic warranty. The Snapdragon 695 mobile was sold for HUF 199,990, the price of 140,000 isn’t exactly a champion, but in return it offers eSIM support, compact form, IP68 protection, a display without a hole or notch, a notification LED, expandable storage and a high-resolution 3.5 The phone also has a mm connector. However, the performance is already halved and the specifications do not include stereo speakers.
  • Sony Xperia Pro-I — The Xperia 12/512 GB package aimed at professional photographers can be taken home from the Japanese store for HUF 449,900 instead of the previous price of HUF 599,900. The unique trio of cameras and the cooperation with Sony Alpha cameras — which several other Xperias are capable of — are the biggest virtues of the phone. It also comes with a three-year domestic warranty.

WF-1000XM4 and WH-1000XM4 [+]


Discount audio accessories:

  • Sony LinkBuds — If you want open earbuds, it’s hard to find better ones. In February, LinkBuds was launched for 69,990 forints, and it kept this price roughly at the official distributors, now the black and light colored versions are on sale for 49,900 forints.
  • Sony LinkBuds S — The LinkBuds S is a little cheaper, which, along with the Apple AirPods Pro, was the most comfortable of the ones our editors visited this year. As in Apple’s earphones, this one also has active noise filtering, it is also in-ear design, it also supports the LDAC codec for high-resolution music, it has DSEE Extreme upscaling for compressed sound, and it’s HUF 44,900 in white now on sale.
  • Sony WF-1000XM4 — When it comes to noise filtering, the WF-1000XM4 is still the champion, just as it did not dethrone anyone else in terms of sound quality last year. On sale for HUF 79,900 in black in the central brand store, but if you want to spend another five thousand HUF on it, you can also order it from the central salon for HUF 74,900.
  • Sony WF-C500 — If you don’t need such gentlemen’s extras, you’re just looking for a simple, comfortable and small TWS, then the WF-C500 is on sale in black, white and orange, it’s HUF 18,800, but the brand store also has the green one for HUF 18,900.
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 — True, this is not a new model, but it is much better than the fifth generation version. The Japanese champion’s active noise-cancelling headphones cost HUF 96,900 in the showroom in black and HUF 99,900 in the brand store in blue. The price of foldable, LDAC-capable headphones is usually around HUF 120,000, and if someone wants active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, we think it’s worth a look.

In addition to the above, the noise-filtering headphones WH-CH710N and WH-XB910N are discounted, the former for 27,900 forints, the latter for 59,900 forints, and the very simple Bluetooth headset, WH-CH510, is also discounted for 9,900 forints. However, we have not tested them, so we cannot form an opinion about them. In the stores linked above, portable party speakers, soundbars and TVs are still on sale until November 27 or while stocks last.

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