Deadpool and Wolverine: understand the relationship between the characters

An announcement by actor Ryan Reynolds took the internet by surprise by revealing that Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in deadpool 3. While it’s not the first time the two heroes have met in the MCU, the first meeting is treated as a joke, and now, fan expectations for the new production are high.


That’s because the two met in X-Men: Origins, but in a comical way, in a more relaxed scene. In this way, the 3rd movie of the anti-hero could be a redemption for two of Marvel’s beloved characters.

But do you know how they met? Understand the origin of the “partnership” between the heroes!

How did Deadpool and Wolverine meet in the MCU?


before checking deadpool 3 in cinemas, we will better understand the relationship between the two characters.

The two met during the events of Secret Wars, and in the comics, Deadpool appears in issue 88 of Wolverine. For a long time, the character appeared more as a memory or flashback of other heroes, without actually being present in the scenes.


So their paths cross as Deadpool tries to kill Garrison Kane and Copycat – the Vanessa from the movie! The anti-hero is angry that his girlfriend has moved on and gets into a fight with Wolverine, in which he hits both of the mutant’s lungs with his katanas.

Afterwards, the mutant appears in the pages of issue 27 of the comics of Deadpool. After saving the world, he begins to hallucinate and his psychiatrist, Dr. Bong, suggests a hero fight to somehow save his mental health.

Who was chosen? That’s right! Deadpool tries to anger Wolverine who, in turn, refuses to get into a fight. Eventually, he loses his temper and the two fight.


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In addition to all these encounters, there is the fact that Deadpool itself was created as an experiment involving the powers of the mutant. It wasn’t exactly a clone, but a way of trying to recreate Logan as a non-mutant. So it makes sense that the stories of the two would now meet in the next MCU movie.

deadpool 3 will be released in the Marvel catalog in 2024 and begins the 6th phase of the Cinematic Universe.

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