Deadpool and Harley Quinn together? Cosplay creates an amazing crossover

Anyone who knows the differences between Marvel and DC fans knows that it’s almost impossible to imagine a project that unites the two biggest houses of superheroes today… officially, at least.

Through art, some talented fans break barriers and deliver impressive results, as is the case with cosplayers Rob and Jennifer, the duo that brought to life the unlikely encounter between Harley Quinn and Deadpool.

A chaotic and unlikely friendship

Anyone who knows both characters, both Harley Quinn and Deadpool, knows that both are pretty out of control. Even though she is a renowned psychiatrist, the former gave up her life and her career for a love relationship that, by the way, is one of the most toxic in comic book history. Deadpool doesn’t go far from that either and makes us wonder: what could a meeting between these two look like in a movie?

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While we don’t have the script developed, we are left with the look of this super dynamic duo made by the cosplayers. Check below:

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Harlequin’s smile in the midst of the confusion leaves no doubt how chaotic this duo’s meeting would be. Not even the worst of villains would be able to overcome them, but the audience would certainly get several impeccable jokes.

To find out more about Rob and Jennifer’s work, just follow them on their social media: @robpool_cosplay and @jennifercosplays. Each one has very interesting styles, but always in the theme of the nerd world, including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, League of Legends and much more. Support the work of cosplayers and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to bring your favorite characters to life too?

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