Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds talks about Taylor Swift’s participation in the film

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonightwhile promoting his new project Spirited: A Christmas TaleRyan Reynolds spoke about Taylor Swift’s possible participation in Deadpool 3🇧🇷

Speculation that the singer would be in the cast of the new Marvel film emerged after the release of the video in which Reynolds appears alongside Hugh Jackman – who will play the mutant Wolverine again -, as it would have been filmed in the same house as Swift. used as a backdrop for the short film All Too Well: The Short Film🇧🇷

Despite the rumors, Reynolds highlighted that both he and his wife, also actress Blake Lively, are just personal friends of the singer. “I would do anything for that woman because she is a genius,” said the actor. “All of us in my house, me, Blake, my daughters. We love her so much and we’re obsessed [com o álbum Midnights]”, he concluded.

Despite denying Taylor Swift’s participation in the feature film, during the interview, the interpreter of Wade Wilson in theaters showed to be quite open to the singer’s inclusion in the production.

Even without much credit as an actress, the artist will soon be seen in Amsterdama new film by filmmaker David O. Russell, which also features Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek and Robert De Niro in the main cast.

deadpool 3: learn more about the MCU movie

Since it was officially announced by Marvel, fans have been speculating about what the plot of the third Deadpool movie will look like. As mentioned earlier, Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine, bringing the X-Men to the MCU once and for all.

The production, which has a premiere date scheduled for August 2024, should build a favorable scenario for the arrival of other mutants already known to viewers in future projects.

Star Wars: Lucasfilm Negotiates New Film With Deadpool 3 Director

While that release appears to be a long way off, the group led by Professor Xavier could also appear even before this movie, as it has been revealed that Kamala Khan (Irma Velani) consists of a mutant. The young heroine will appear in the marvelsscheduled to debut in July 2023.

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