Dead City: The Walking Dead spinoff trailer released

After the end of The Walking Dead, it was time to Dead City, spin-off of the original series, wins its first official trailer🇧🇷 In the first teaser, Maggie and Negan are in Manhattan and their trajectory continues after the two put their rivalry aside (in a way) in the TWD season finale.


Negan finally apologized for killing Glenn, Maggie’s husband, but still, she says the two will never be friends. However, if there’s something that the zombie apocalypse series taught to keep friends close and enemies closer, isn’t it?

Watch the official trailer for the series below:


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Learn more about Dead City

The series derived from The Walking Dead is also produced by AMC and stars Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Maggie and Negan are in a Manhattan that has been completely dominated by zombies and survivors, being a city full of dangers and anarchy.


The forecast spin-off debut initial is in April 2023🇧🇷 With a script by Eli Jorné, this is the fifth official series in this universe, following Tales of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Additionally, two spin-offs from the original series will be released: Rick & Michonne and Daryl Dixon, both focusing on fan-favorite characters from the series.

(Source: AMC/Disclosure)Source: AMC

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So far, AMC has not revealed new script information or how many episodes the 1st season of the Negan and Maggie series will have. New plot details are expected to be revealed soon.


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