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DDR5 memory: Gigabyte’s new record reaches 10,022 MT / s

An all-in-one challenge that is underway between the Taiwanese MSI and Gigabyte who in recent weeks have been battling to the sound of benchmarks to grab the scepter of the best motherboard for overclocking DDR5 memories (and more). On April 26th MSI was the first to break down the 10,000 MT / s barrier (or 10,000 MHz as it is erroneously reported), obtaining the new world record thanks to the team led by Kovan Yang, able to push Kingston RAMs to 10.004 MT / s on MSI Unify X motherboard.


Waiting for ASUS, which certainly won’t stand by and watch, in the past few hours Gigabyte has surpassed the competitor’s record thanks to its team which, among the various components, boasts one of the most expert overclockers globally, let’s talk about HiCookie. In this case, only home-made hardware was used, from the Z690 AORUS Tachyon motherboard to AORUS DDR5 memories , heavily overvolted and cooled as usual with liquid nitrogen.

The new record was now set at 10,022 MT / s, a remarkable frequency also reached with the help of an Intel Core i9-12900K processor. For the occasion, the CPU was configured with only two active cores, while on the RAM side the team opted for a single memory module with timing 46-58-58-46-104-2 (much tighter than the MSI configuration) . As mentioned above, we expect a response from ASUS soon, all on the Intel Z690 platform, the only one that currently supports the new memory standard pending the next generation of AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake processors. S. The Intel platform, Z690, is slowly maturing in terms of RAM support, certainly helped by new ad hoc BIOS and by the (growing) diffusion of DDR5 modules, also decreasing in terms of retail prices.

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