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DC reveals reboot of Superman and Batman 2 for 2025! see news

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This Tuesday afternoon, the 31st, DC officially announced what will be the first chapter of a complete reboot in its cinematic universe. The division’s new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran, revealed to the press the arrival of a new Superman movie and the sequel to The Batman 2, both due in 2025.

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Superman: Legacy hits theaters July 11, 2025 and will tell the story of a Man of Steel who “must balance his Kryptonian origins with his human life” as he struggles to be kind where kindness is no longer commonplace. However, Gunn, the film’s screenwriter, points out that the film will not be an origin story for the classic character.

Still without a director, the Superman feature film will be inserted in the new DC universe in theaters, which will be called “Gods and Monsters” in its first phase. The project will be accompanied by other productions that arrive in the future.

The Batman Part II opens on October 3, 2025, which may disappoint some fans due to the delay in release. Detailed information about the project has not been released, but Matt Reeves returns as director and writer of the sequel starring Robert Pattinson.


Two Batmans at the Movies

In the future, Gunn and his troupe will release another Batman movie, inserted in the new DC universe, called “The Brave and the Fearless”. The hero will accompany Damian Wayne, who is Bruce’s son and becomes Robin.

James Gunn also warned that Reeves’ Batman universe will be separate from other DC films, as well as director Todd Phillips’ Joker, with Joaquim Phoenix. These productions fit into a more “heavy” label within the DCU, titled as DC Elseworld.

With this, it is expected that projects like Flash, Shazam: The Fury of the Gods and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are the last features of the former direction of Warner. With this, the respective actors of the projects should not return to the new phase of DC.

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