Dates of the next Film Festival: what films you can see on the days of cheap tickets

The last Film Festival It was the twentieth, and took place on May 15 to 18. On the billboards we then find films like Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 either Super Mario Bros. (two of the highest-grossing titles of the year), and yet the collection was nothing to write home about, bringing together some 977,000 people. Likewise, no one doubts the solvency of this initiative, and shortly after the results were announced, the FECE (Spanish Cinema Federation) mobilized with FAPAE and Fedicine to organize the next edition.

Then the dates were already dropped: October 2, 3, 4 and 5, Monday to Thursday. There is less than a month left for that, so the FECE has just confirmed the appointment and revealed that the discounted ticket price will continue to be available. 3.50 euros.

With an important difference with respect to previous editions, and that is that this time it will not be necessary to download any accreditation on the web: “Starting with this edition, it is no longer necessary to request accreditation on the web, so there is no need to do anything special to participate: simply go to the cinema and enjoy the movies you want”, they report from the organization.

Complete poster of the new Film Festival

Tickets for each film can be purchased at participating cinemas starting next September 27th. It is still early to say which films will be available at the beginning of October, but of course the September 29th A good batch of new releases would have already arrived: Stroke of luck by Woody Allen, Close the eyes of Victor Erice, The Creator of Gareth Edwards and the last installment of Saw, Saw Xin addition to The mercenaries. A good handful of premieres, very varied, that will make it worth visiting theaters on more than one occasion.

To these films we should add other releases that continue to attract people then. Maybe Barbenheimer remain on the billboard after the summer fever, and the same with Campeonex, The Equalizer 3 either Mystery in Venice. In any case, there is enough on offer to think about a Film Festival that exceeds the numbers of the previous edition.

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