Darren Aronofsky’s new thing can only be seen on the world’s biggest screen

In the midst of the AI ​​revolution and the overexploitation of streaming in the film industry, technological advances never cease to surprise us. That desire to experiment that characterizes filmmakers like Darren Aronofsky have been evident in a first look at Postcard from Earthhis new movie designed to be projected on the largest screen in the world.

Between documentary and science fiction, Postcard from Earth can only be seen in The Sphere, located in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). This place houses the largest screen in the world with a size of around 14,864 meters, occupying the space of up to four football fields. In addition, the venue also has 17,000 seats and 167,000 speakers. Almost nothing.

First look at the biggest 18k 60fps screen on the planet. Postcard from Earth sand will premiere on October 6 only on Sphere and will generate half a petabyte (50,0000 GB)”, Aronofsky pointed out from his Instagram account.

“The experience of filming on all continents, a love letter to Mother Earth, has been incredibly rewarding. My iPhone can’t come close to capturing the definition on the screen. “Sometimes you forget where you are and you are transported to the other side of the world,” the American added.

Aronosky’s most surprising filmography

Aronosky’s new film represents a journey around the globe, from Antarctica to the depths of the ocean. A film that uses the most cutting-edge and experimental technology to make the viewer feel sensations never experienced before, and that goes one step beyond the IMAX cinema.

This same year, Aronofsky had already spoken about this type of projections, whose tickets range between $49 and $199. “I found in Sphere a great opportunity to take people away from the glitz and bustle of Las Vegas in all its man-made madness and immerse them, as fully as possible, in the wonder, awe and beauty of the natural world. Postcard from Earth is a science fiction journey into the depths of our future as our descendants reflect on our shared home,” said Aronofsky.

This film joins the filmography of a filmmaker marked by titles such as Requiem for a Dream, Mother! either The whale. Postcard from Earth involves his new project before delving fully into Adriftthe horror title he is preparing with actor Jared Leto.

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