Dare to Dream: the story behind Antonella’s iconic feathers

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Dare to dream was a telenovela that marked many generations of children and young people, this production was starred around the year 2009 by Danna Paola What Ugly Duckling Y Isfel Violet What Antonella.

One of the most characteristic traits of the leader of The Divine were his pens with quill pens, each day, the character wore a different colorFurthermore, Antonella used them to make gestures. Fans of this series were able to purchase this item in its similar versions, including the Camp boots.

Although it might be thought that the feathers were already part of the character, Violeta Isfel recently revealed that it was she who built that feature for Antonella, the idea came to him during a workshop that took place six months before starting the recordings on Televisa. It should be remembered that it was 2007 when it premiered Ugly Duckling in Ideas of the South for Argentinabeing one of the most successful versions.


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This was expressed by the famous actress in the program Revelations with Lizbeth Rodriguezpopular by internet show Discovering infidels: “They helped us build the characters because if you weren’t a fan of the Argentine version, you didn’t know who was who, what they wanted to do is give each character a personality and each one had an object that defined them, so I turned to see Antonella from Argentina and she had already used everything, ties, hats, suspenders”, said.

Later, Violeta Isfel remembered that her mother had given her a pen with purple heart decorations, her favorite, so she thought the following: “Antonella dreams of being a great singer, obviously she wants to be ready when they ask for an autograph, so he is not going to take it out of the pen, he must always carry it in his hand and then it became a scepter, with that he hit them (the Divine), he scolded them, with that he became sad, “he mentioned.

In 2021, the cast of the soap opera that brought Antonella and Patito to fame held some meetings, in one of them Roberto Carlo, Lucas Velázquez, Ilean Almaguer, Daniela Ibañez and Nashla Aguilar They uploaded some photos together to their social networks and proudly showed that after more than 10 years they maintain a great friendship.


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Although Violeta Isfel was not present on that occasion, she assured before the Eden Dorantes camera that she maintains a close relationship with Ibañez and Nashla, with whom she maintained contact in order to organize how their reunion will take place.

ioleta said that his intention is not to have one more party among friends, but that he is planning to bring back a part of Dare to dream through its soundtrackis even having the support of a composer.

“The ‘divines’ are already talking, it’s Natalia Juárez, Roxana Puente, Dani Ibañez, Nashla Aguilar and me. Then we are there with this topic of meetings and over there Tony is helping me, he is a great composer, with my favorite songs, the ones that move my life, he is looking for them as a variant, the same and in one of those I surprise them with coversI don’t know,” revealed Isfel.

(Photo: The Stars)
(Photo: The Stars)

About his relationship with Danna Paola, Isfel regretted not being able to get back in touch with the XT4S1S interpreter. She shared that even though she has tried to see her, the most she managed to do was send her regards when she was invited to Todaybut is willing to start talks with her to join the reunion.

“Dannita de mi amor, this is a special message for you. I want you to know that I admire you, I am very proud of youI am very pleased with the wonderful things you have achieved. Congratulations, I know you are working a lot now and long time no seebut you know you have a very special little place in my heart,” he said at the time.

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