Danna Paola got on the CDMX Metro for the video of her new single “XT4S1S”

The singer surprised her fans after recording the video for her new single in facilities as familiar as those of the CDMX Metro (Photo: Youtube/@Danna Paola)

With the release of his new single XT4S1S, Danna Paola is partying in Mexico and especially in the capital, because in the new video clip of his most recent song the artist can be seen heading to a “crazy night” aboard the Metro Collective Transport System (STC).

In the production directed by Edgar Esteves, the Mexican singer walk between the corridors, stairs and wagons of Line 2, an extremely familiar space for chilangos. He is seen boarding a train with her friends and then walk through the streets of the historic center up to what appears to be a party clandestine in which enjoyment and pleasure are lived to the surface.

Her fans soon made a stir on networks congratulating her on the premiere and even humorously expressing the pleasure they felt in seeing embodied the daily life of Mexico City in his artistic productionsomething that would not be expected from a star like her.

“If Danna Paola goes by subway, don’t take the bus mija”, “Me: Why is the subway already late?; Danna Paola: wey I’m going to record a crazy video”, “The directors of the video blew it up, for those who don’t know Mexico that’s the subway”, were some comments that emerged on the Twitter platform.

Many other of his followers felt proud that the interpreter of Notoriety Y hey paulgot on the subway like the rest of the people, well they cataloged it as a gesture of humility and simplicity.

Danna Paola reformulated his “candy world” and assured that sensuality and blowout took over his creative process. This was stated in the presentation of the material, which already adds up to almost half a million views on the YouTube platform.

The interpreter experiments with the electropop and his adrenaline rises between nuances of neon color dancing to the rhythm of the complex choreographies, to end up in the rain and, later, in the inevitable end: a hangover, although satisfying for having enjoyed “a crazy night” so much.

“I am so happy and proud of this video. Infinite thanks to the whole team. It is the representation of how addictive it is for me to create and represent this song in its entirety.it’s a audiovisual journey very magical that it took many weeks to get to this day,” he wrote on social media.

“It is very crazy when you put everything in numbers. It’s four years since I went back to music writing my lyrics and beginning to discover this part of me, a creative singer-songwriter. I am an artist who focuses on creating a lot of adrenaline, a lot of ecstasy, but for me music is a drug and I am very addicted to music and it is something that I never want to lose, this delight and this enjoyment”, he told a press conference.

The actress also received the Record of the song by Mexican artist with the highest number of streaming from 2022. In Mexico alone, it received more than 375 thousand reproductions in Spotify in less than 24 hoursplacing itself as the most popular pop song of the moment.

Danna Paola at a press conference for her new single (Photo: Karla Tapia/ TechMarkup Mexico)
Danna Paola at a press conference for her new single (Photo: Karla Tapia/ TechMarkup Mexico)

He also debuted at position number 33 of the national platform count, being for the moment his best location in his entire career as a singer. In this way, she has thanked her fans for the support they have given her, in an era where the pop songs that are successful are counted by the reggaeton dominance with male singers like Bad Bunny or J Balvin.

So much was the commotion of his return to musical creation, that when the protagonist of Dare to dream (2010) announced his Tour XT4S1S his fans went crazy to the degree of finish with the tickets available for the concert which will be offered on November 16 at the National Auditorium.

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