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Cybersecurity, automated access and more solutions that technology offers to the security of people and companies

Security in the world. (photo: JoZtar)

In the framework of International Security Fair which takes place in Bogotá, Colombia, in Corferias, national and international advances in the sector were known that have a significant influence on citizens due to the problems that continue in some Latin American cities.

According to the latest report published in April 2022 by the Colombian National Police on security, thefts from people increased by 18% compared to 2021. EThis year, 72,600 thefts were reported, an average of 800 per day.

Cyber ​​security, a problem that attacks Latin America

In that sense, the cybersecurity it also plays a fundamental role in the life of every human being, thanks to the new realities of working from home and the use of payment and transaction applications.

According to the National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI), an independent, external body that examines the state of cybersecurity in countries, Colombia ranks 72 out of 160 countries in its ranking.

During last year, Latin America has been the target of cyber attacks in the world cOn 289,000 million attacks reported per day, and the countries that register the most attempts are:

1. Mexico

2. Brazil

3. Peru

4. Columbia.

Cyber ​​attack.  (photo: ComputerHoy)
Cyber ​​attack. (photo: ComputerHoy)

On the other hand, one of the most important and at the same time most worrying indicators of insecurity in Latin America is the poverty.

Latin America has 670 million inhabitants and more than 200 people are in a situation of scarcity of resourcesregional dispersion is enormous with deep disparities between access to services such as technologyfood, drinking water and housing.

Finally, according to a report published in Discover The New Media in Latin America, cybersecurity attacks have increased by 600% on the continent, with Mexico being the country with the highest number of attacks (156 billion), followed by Brazil (88 billion), Peru (11,500 million) and Colombia (11,300 million).

Technologies that help combat security in cities

– Electronic security

In this area, there are different timely solutions for risk management related to topics such as analysis, alarms, storage, audio and video, automation, biometrics, building wiring, control centers, access control, intrusion detection, home automation, drones , surveillance, tracking, among others.

Biometrics.  (photo: Xataka)
Biometrics. (photo: Xataka)

– Job security

All companies today need a way to protect yourself from cyber attacks. Taking this into account, the following technologies have helped improve occupational safety: risk control and prevention facilities, training facilities, ergonomics, personal protection elements, occupational health and hygiene, prevention systems, pollution control systems , microbiological control, automated disinfection, biomedical devices, air purifiers.

– Cybersecurity

be safe in the cloud o in space is a situation that affects everyone, issues related to intelligence analysis, consulting, development of protection policies, risk and vulnerability assessment, digital protection, tests and simulation help improve security in cities .

secure internet.  (photo: RPA Amatech Group)
secure internet. (photo: RPA Amatech Group)

– Automated accesses

The intelligent doors, the new accesses for employees and visitors, they are currently being taken into account by companies and even by houses.

Thanks to these technologies, a new era of access with a fingerprint or a manual touch with a button opens. These driveways have come a long way and are now also equipped with fire protection.

– Communications

The Internet of Things and the constant growth of telecommunications are keeping humanity at the forefront of solutions that contribute to the creation of devices more connected and help better manage safe work.

Some of the components that this axis includes are bodycamps, command centers, wearables, network integrations, cellular networks, digital radio systems and many more.

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