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Cruel Summer: 2nd season of the series wins video and promotional image; Look!

 Cruel Summer: 2nd season of the series wins video and promotional image;  Look!

This past Wednesday, the 11th, the 2nd season of Cruel Summer won an unpublished promotional video. Despite the released images offering little information about the plot, we can see that the producers have kept many surprises for viewers.

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The video was posted by Jessica Biel, one of the show’s executives, on her Twitter account. “This is going to be cruel @cruelsummer. Season 2 is coming!! @FreeformTV,” she wrote in the caption.

Check out the video below in full.

In the comments of the publication, several fans were anxious for the premiere of the new episodes. “Yes!!! I’ve been waiting a long time for this

As you can see in the video, the 2nd season of Cruel Summer should premiere during the North American summer, between the months of June and September.

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New cast image released

At the end of season 1, the producers of Cruel Summer revealed that it would become an anthology production. Thus, the next season of the series will feature new characters and a new plot.

And to make fans even more excited, the official profile of the series also released an image of the new cast together on Twitter. Look!

The truth eventually comes to the surface. #CruelSummer Season 2 – Coming Summer 2023 on @FreeformTV. pic.twitter.com/nxtbfOr6em

Names like Sadie Stanley, Griffin Gluck, KaDee Strickland, Lisa Yamada, Sean Blakemore, Paul Adelstein and Eloise Payet have been confirmed for the new season.

According to Freeform, broadcaster of the series, this new year viewers will follow a friendship between 3 friends, where a great mystery will appear to change the paths of the trio.

Cruel Summer: learn more about the series

Cruel Summer is a thriller series created by Bert V. Royal. The show premiered in April 2021 and featured a disappearing story, where a popular Texas student mysteriously disappears.

Since its premiere, the production has won over spectators and specialized critics, who mainly praise the script and the cast’s performance.

Just like season 1, the show’s second year is expected to have a total of 10 episodes.

In Brazil, Cruel Summer is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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